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I wanted to  share something with you that I recently caught myself doing! I was letting awful words come out of my mouth about my situation and my future! Yikes! That’s not like me! But it can happen to a-n-y-o-n-e. What you speak over your life, your health, your career all have a powerful impact. Tune into to this  important episode as I talk about how when I changed my words, things began changing in my mind and then in real life.

I talk about this scholarship that I am up for! (Thank you so much for voting and believing in me!! Voting closes midnight today, Sunday March 1st!) and chandeliers, yup! All in one video/podcast because that’s how I roll.


Here is my challenge for you-do you think you might be speaking death/bad words/wrong things over you or your business? Have you been saying something is so hard business, motherhood, making money being creative, that now that’s all you see the HARD parts not the joyful parts? Are you speaking out failure, frustration and then waiting  to see it happen?! Ouch, right? It is time for you to say something positive, good healthy about you and your life!! In the comments below here is your chance. Commit to changing your words around a subject that you are speaking poorly about!

I’ll go first:

“I have all the resources I need cash, wisdom, and connections for my life, and this includes paying for my sons college!”


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  • natalie briney says:

    Voted! Good luck

  • Thanks for your talk on positivity in our thoughts. I don't have a business, but I am just now, at the tender age of 73, beginning to uncover a level of creativity in thinking, drawing, and quilting that I didn't know existed. At the same time, my husband and I are being disrupted by my disabled daughter and her daughter having to live with us. I find myself thinking more and more about how to get her out of our house and how our peace and harmony is being changed in what I perceive to be a negative way. I am committing myself right now to think in more positive ways about this situation, and fill it with the love that we DO feel for our daughter, and at the same time encouraging her to go forward with her own life in any way that she can.

  • Meghan Irene says:

    Voted and shared! Best of luck!!

  • KristinNicholas says:

    Voted – good luck Monica.

  • Zsuzsi Winn says:

    Hi Monica, thank you for this great post! I am starting a new carrer/business adventure and sometimes I have my own negative words as well. So, here are my positive words or message to me: " My talent, hard work and what I can offer to Industry leaders will be recognized in a short time frame."

    • Monica Lee says:

      yes! That’s it! Doors will be opened for you!

  • Vivayne Art and Design says:

    Hi Monica! You caught me! …thinking negatively and talking wishy washy! Get out of my head! Lol. OK, here goes:

    I am going to be well known for making a positive impact on people. It will be easy setting up my new shop. It’s easy to focus, even though my most important job is giving 3 little girls a fabulous life. My art IS interesting and people want more of it.

  • The this post Monica! Thank you for being so real! I voted for you so sending positive thoughts to you on your new adventure! 🙂

  • Vivayne says:

    I will be well known for making a positive impact on people. It will be easy setting up my new shop. I find it easy to focus on business tasks that need finishing, even though my most important job is giving 3 little girls a fabulous life. My art IS interesting and people want more of it.

  • Thanks so much Monica! ! Both industries that I am in are changing ( as am I) and I am making great strides… many opportunities are on the horizon all while being a mom to a young child and after divorce.. woo hoo reinvention time!

  • Lee Kellogg says:

    Thank you Monica Lee! I took the Smart Creative Style course two years ago and learned a fair amount about myself. Since then, I have continued learning and doing lots of soul searching to find my path. Last summer an opportunity landed on my lap that I jumped at – public speaking! I learned that I love it and that I am a really good speaker, plus I had a blast presenting. My topic: running your small business/inventory management! As a result of this opportunity more have appeared and I have come realize that I am a great business person and have skills at helping others be great at running their businesses. My new personal mission: helping others be great at their business and creativity! Whoo Hoo it feels good to have found my path! Thank you!

  • Marisu says:

    Hi Monica~Thanks for being a source of inspiration and motivation through your positive posts and broadcasts! It’s great to see you on video again~to be frank, I was quite sad when you switched to podcasts because watching your videos always felt like I was having a one on one with a good friend and mentor!

    Voted and thanks again!

  • I fully agree! Got the same message! Stop saying "it's hard". It's a wonderful journey! All parts are part of the whole. Even the "I have to do TAXES" part! Monica, thank you for your site and for unselfishly working so hard to bring these wonderful artists for us to hear! God bless you! – a new listener~

  • I voted for you too!

  • Victoria Rawson says:

    The power of words is so important! I need to remind myself to watch those words. I find myself saying “cash disintegrates”. I need to stop that now. Change it to “cash proliferates!” Thank you for your positive and inspiring words and style!

  • Julissa Mora says:

    Hi Monica! You’re so awesome and inspiring, always! Thanks for the encouraging words. I am a big believer in what you think and speak becomes your reality, so this is right up my alley. Here are my good, healthy and positive thoughts about my life. The light is shinning on me and my career right now and I have all of the tools and resources necessary to take my career to the next level and to continue to have a happy and fulfilled life. 🙂 Good luck with your XOMonica brand Scholarship! Thinking positive thoughts for you. xo

  • susan says:

    Thank you so much Monica for a beautiful and important message. It’s so easy to slip into a negative pattern of thought! Thanks for the reminder that we need to fight this for our own good. OK, here goes mine – I have my own unique point of view that is worth sharing. I have value to offer and can develop products that will help people.

  • Melissa AuClair says:

    I needed this- thank you for the encouragement to kick out negative thinking. Here’s mine: I’ve got what I need to focus and flourish as I re-start my creative business.

  • Myra Pizarro says:

    What a predicament I am in the same situation today. I am changing things around. I published a book, my hand lettering is awesome and I am a confident beautiful women….yeah I felt lost and hopeless today and then I sat down opened a cheap watercolor set and drew away and to my amazement my letters looked pretty good. Just out of nowhere I drew awesome letters…..guess all the practice just showed up today!

  • Good for you!!! Nice to hear!

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