You, your ‘tude and social media

We all have choices to make and I often believe that how we CHOOSE to VIEW something that makes the most difference. Take social media, the topic of today’s video, you can love it, hate it, tolerate it. You can sell on it, entertain on it or stalk lurk on it. Buyer beware, whatever you do, people will pick up on your attitude. I personally think that it can be used for fun, socializing AND as a sales tool. You just need to be smart about it. Right now, I am selling the site and show, Smart Creative Women, so I can hop around different social platforms and see where creative women hang out. If I end up selling my watercolor work again or the scarves I am toying with, my approach will have to be a bit different. Think of the different social media hangouts like a small city…you go to the library to read, the park to play, the diner to eat. You may meet different people in different age ranges at each place. Be sure you understand your intent at each spot and have a plan (even a loose one) in place for each one. This mental adjustment will help you map out a plan that is not a time suck and may even help you grow your business! Do you have a favorite hangout?


watercolor map of Boston

compass necklace

  • Love your scarf! Your dogs and your interior decorating style too. I think that people mostly want to know you value them as an individual, that you care more about them more than their pocketbook. We are created to have relationships, that’s why I love social media. But I know you get that already. Always enjoy what you have to say.

  • Kathleen Alexander

    I enjoyed hearing the reasons to use social media. i feel being new to it all makes it more difficult to find the “feel” of it all. Are people just saying something just to be saying it? That’s what I always thought but with your thoughts of targeting your own group, I must say, finding your own group is hard to do I think.Once found, easier to connect in the way you need to though. Thanks!

  • Very good Monica. I just wonder how you find out where they hang out? Love those hoops!