XO, Monica Lee launch day!

Wow! The day is here!   XO, Monica Lee is launching today (insert stadium cheers) and I thrilled beyond measure! Today, the tables are turned on me as Jane Hamill from Fashion Brain  interviews me on all the in’s and out’s behind my new start up and the products themselves. This has been an exciting, daunting, fulfilling ride for me.

I am so happy to be sharing my journey with you, my Smart Creative Women peeps, because without YOU, I simply would not have been able to stay on course to get this all done. I have always felt you in my heart even as I disappeared for periods of time to spend hours googling swivel snap hooks and sourcing zippers! Yikes!  In today’s podcast, I am spilling all the highs and lows of manufacturing a product and why I decided to do it! Sometimes pretty blog features don’t share all the details and when Jane offered to  help me tell my story, I knew I wanted to share it with you.

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Head over  to XO, Monica Lee and take a look at everything!  So fun, am feeling so creative. I loved incorporating my sketching with the line of bags that are …(wait for it) designed for travel yet stylish enough for everyday! (My new mantra) All those years of traveling put to good use!

Enjoy the podcast, tell me what you think, feel free to share this-in fact I would LOVE it if you would!



XOXO Monica Lee

XOXO Monica Lee


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