Working away…

Hi! It’s Monica for Smart Creative Women! I would like to say hello and tell you that I have over 30 guests lined up for interviews! Yikes, can you believe it? The mailing list continues to grow and we have not even posted our first interview yet! It is so exciting! Here is what is going on, I am planning on having the first 3 interviews up by our official launch on Feb 11th. I am also planning a networking/launch get together on that Saturday for anyone who lives in the New York, New England area. The idea is to bring a creative girlfriend (or one that could use some encouragement) and to bring business cards. Details to follow! In the meantime I will be scheduling and editing interviews. We are also deciding what will go where on the site so you will have easy access to everything. Stay tuned!

  • Congrats Monica! Nice website, lots of luck with your interviews!

  • So exciting. I can’t wait to start reading the interviews. I sure wish I lived closer so I could attend your party.