Work with Monica:

Through the Smart Creative Style  6 week e-course 


I am  available on an exclusive basis for freelance art assignments (more at Monica Lee Studios) and speaking engagements on the subject of creativity, originality and the real truth behind following your passion!


Clarity Coaching with Monica Lee.

Are you a talent, skilled and hard working creative business owner? 

Do you need to be clear on your offerings, your marketing and your branding, but don’t want to be like everyone else?

Do you simply have too many ideas floating through your mind? You may feel like you need it all to “click” cohesively.

You need some loving attention focused on you and your best assets to make you successful and fulfilled.

I come across amazingly talented women all the time. I see which of them are operating in the zone and which of them are so close to the zone but not quite stepping into it. You want to be one of the amazing ones in the zone! You need to be encouraged and helped, not told to follow any formulas. If it is one thing I have learned, it is that everyone’s journey is different. Sometimes you hit a wall and need a fresh pair of eyes and an open heart to help you. No smack downs allowed. Girlfriend to girlfriend talk, with a cup of love to sweeten the pot. Clarity coaching will help life the creative fog and get you on the right path tailored for you and your success.

Clarity Coaching will help you:

• Determine what you are the best at so you will stop spinning your wheels.

• Customize a plan for you to move forward in your creative business.

• Help you position yourself and your unique talents in today’s marketplace (that includes how you are rockin‘ it online!)

• Get you to the place where you stop second guessing yourself.

This is how it works:

1. Questionnaire: You get an in depth questionnaire asking everything from the fun questions to the not so fun questions.

2. 1 Hour Coaching: We talk for one hour. We will get to the bottom of what you really need. A lot of fun, yes. A lot of you, absolutely. Because you are amazing and you just need to know how to get on a clear path. We will talk creativity, business and you.

3. Thinking, Plotting and Planning: I will help you create a plan to take those next steps.

Pricing for Clarity Coaching

Price $150 for 1 session 

Limited spots, lots to do! YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Follow up sessions are priced at $100 per session.

I realize that this format only allows me a limited amount of slots, but when you get to know someone and their talents only then can you customize a plan tailored made for them.

Let’s get you custom fitted!

Contact me at and I will send you a a paypal invoice so we can get started!



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