Why meeting people (especially women) is a really good thing


When I typed out the title to this post, I had a strange image of what type of odd spam comments and SEO hits I might get. But I wanted to do a quick share of some fun news which revolves around meeting women, staying in touch with them and being FOR them, behind them in all their endeavors. I was so touched by all your comments on Friday’s post when I announced that I am jumping back into making art and opening an online shop.  I felt a collective “hooray!” from all of you. One of the things that prompted me to get it together after mulling it over for what seemed like forever was that Grace Kang, owner of  Pink Olive, asked me to put some watercolor work (greeting card) in the Olive Box. I interviewed Grace sometime back and she had just launched the subscription based Olive Box.  That meant 100’s (more than 100’s!!) of cards printed, packaged in cello and sent out in about two weeks time. I did it and it FELT good. I felt good.  Meeting Grace and keeping in touch with her makes me feel good! I am so happy to see Grace’s businesses thriving. If you remember Grace-she likes things in 3’s so she recently announced she is opening her THIRD retail store!!


Next up is Betz White! Betz and I met years ago at the Creative Connection event, we have stayed in touch, I interviewed her when I first started. Recently, she hopped into the Smart Creative Style Course and WOW! She just wrote the nicest write up on what the course did for her! This is a GREAT POST! If you want to know about the course, go read it! I am so happy for all Betz is up to, I was excited to see her launch her new website. I am BIG fan of her books,  her shop and her creativity in general!



But that’s what it is all about, right? Being a fan of other people’s creativity! Knowing that there is room for us all, building a community of people that say “hooray” for you when you launch something, have a break through, get a dealRealizing that the competition we create is so often a figment of our overactive imaginations! (You know I am right and trust me, I have done it too!) We are all in this together And it is FABULOUS!

If I would have remained a private stalker (mixed with a tad of envy) in these women’s lives, I would not have been so blessed by them this week! When I meet you all in person or online, it enriches my life in countless ways! I know I don’t get a chance to meet all of you, but when I see exchanges like this one below from my Instagram post from this past Sunday, it warms my heart! I adore the fact that you all can meet each other via Smart Creative Women in whatever form it takes! I love it when we put isolation, discouragement and judgment behind us and realize that meeting each other is a really good thing!


Here is my interview with Grace Kang.

Here is my interview with Betz White.


  • Melissa AuClair says:

    Love this post Monica! I loved the Creative Connection- something birthed in me at that event that has never left. So happy for you and your growth and success. You inspire and encourage so many of us! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  • Linda Tieu says:

    this is the kind of post that makes me go “aweee!” and feel good about women and connecting 🙂 thank YOU for creating a space like SCW!

  • so proud of you amazing lady! xo

  • When women join forces they can achieve great things and a little support does go a long way 🙂

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