Who and What I into this Week: A trip to Paris!

I have been wanting to go to Paris for some time now. Somehow I convinced BJ Lantz to ditch her Fall travel plans and to go to Paris with me for my birthday! Ok, my birthday is in Sept and we are going in October but still! How exciting is it to have something like this on your calendar?? I had been talking to my friend,  Susan, trying to get her to go. She’s a flight attendant, so not a lot of planning is necessary. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. Sometimes flight attendants get the time off, sometimes they don’t. It makes it really tricky to plan ahead. She is super adventurous and I hope she comes along! I am going no matter what! Then I mentioned it to another girlfriend (two small children) who shall remain nameless since I am not sure she has mentioned to her husband yet and she might want to join us.

Turns out it is really no that hard convincing people to at least consider a trip to Paris.  When you look at these pictures wouldn’t you consider it? And these are just cafe shots! Talk about mood! I have to drive a half hour (Providence, RI) to get anything that comes close to setting a relaxing mood like this. BJ has THE best Pinterest board titled Armchair Parisian! Ack, I love it! If you love Paris, you HAVE to follow her. She has been to Paris many times before (and is quite the photographer) and I am thrilled she is so familiar with the city. While I spent a lot of time in Paris myself as a flight attendant, it was never for an extended stay.

These cafe pic came off her board Paris, cafes, bistros and restaurants. A nice way to end the week, don’t you think? Do you have an coffee shops or cafes near you that set a particular mood?







  • BJ Lantz says:

    Bonjour! So looking forward to the trip!!!!! Thanks for the shout out!

  • Wanda Edwards says:

    So glad for you. You'll have a blast. I love Paris. Have been a couple of times now and I think I enjoy the Latin Quarter the most. No…there's no lovely cafes here in Dartmouth either…lol And really…Providence doesn't even come close. Be sure to put aside a day for Montmartre.

  • Lady Georgia Howell says:

    C’est Merveilleux! Don’t forget to pack your watercolors..
    I can’t wait to see your paintings of the trip!

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