Who and What I am into this Week: Making a style statement with Fall shoes


It feels like Fall lately in New England, so we might as well talk Fall shoes! Oh yes! Let’s do!

Oxfords don’t look fabulous on girls with chubby ankles but if my cankles where smaller, I would wear these. If you are feeling fun and feminine, these ruffled boots would be fun. I like a bootie because that are easier to walk in that heels and I like that these have a closed toe. Would these be great with some awesome socks? (See how practical I am even when I am impractical?)

I REALLY fell down the rabbit hole when I found Shoes of Prey. You can design your OWN shoes!! They  have all sorts of materials. I adore calf hair (sorry Ms. McCartney, the Texas girl in me just digs it!) So if I were to try ONE pair  so I could report back to which ones would it be? I like a bootie because you can also wear socks with them in the winter. A girl needs warm feet. I also like that you can dictate the heel height on this site. I am a tad embarrassed to tell you how much time I spent on this website. But hey, I am a girl and it is Friday!


I found myself designing with red even though I don’t wear much red, I seem to like red shoes! Pick one for me…oh and yes, that is brown glitter with a leopard heel. Full disclosure, I own leopard wedges and leopard heels…Oh! And a leopard handbag. Now this is just getting embarrassing…


P.S. I found these last night…if you really want to have some fun.