Who and What I am into this Week: What to Wear to Disney

disneyoutfit_72 I am headed to Disney World! At the request of my 18 year old (yes, you did not read 8 years old) For Connor’s graduation, we are headed to his favorite place on earth! I am looking forward it, really. After all Walt and I go way back, he is one of my creative heroes! An empire coming from a hand drawn mouse, pretty impressive. I remember doing a research paper and speech on him in Junior High, what a visionary.

In the spirit of keeping my hand in my art, I drew what I think will be one of my favorite outfits to wear while I am vacationing.  I even googled what to wear to Disney World. I haven’t been knee deep in 100% humidity in sometime. Truthfully, I am illustrating a book with/for a girlfriend (big news) and my paints are out so I am forcing myself to paint something new each week. The book is due the week after I return (Ack! Heart palpitations)… but enough of stressful deadlines! Let’s keep this post positive!

Here are some things to look forward to when I get back! I have Margo Tantau the Art Director at MWCBK and she is dishing out some hard hitting advice for creatives! I also have Anahata Katkin owner and artist at Papaya Art! giving some sage advice about growing your business. Both of these guests are fabulous and you are going to get so so much out of these interviews!

In the meantime, check out the show page to see anybody you may have missed!