Who and What I am into this Week: What to Wear on Vacation

I am not QUITE there yetnext Saturday, so one more week and we head to Florida. Right now I am doing  the last minute hunting and gathering. I have this dress in my shopping cart and need to pick a color! Help! As you see I can easily of coordinate all three. Truthfully, this is one of my favorite things to do, pack up for a trip and make sure everything is interchangeable. All those years as a flight attendant finally pay off! I have this weird habit of picking a “summer” color and building all my summer accessories around it. (Don’t judge, I am flexing my creative muscles when I do this. That’s my story and I’m stickin‘ to it!) This summer I am leaning into navy, which will pick up last summer’s salmon choices. I also thought this dress looks cute in the chambray gray. Maybe should get all three colors!??


Boho sandal

TOMS Shoes

Birkenstock (can you believe these are so hot this season!?

Patagonia dress

Bags and scarves found in my Greatl.y Shop: I can’t resist this stuff!

 Blue and Salmon scarf by FashionABLE

Salmon Tote by Year Round Co.

Navy Tote by Year Round Co.

Japanese scarf bag by The Link Collective

Hallie Gray scarf

If you follow me on instagram , you may have seen that I have been buying a fair amount from The Art of the Accessory section of my Great.ly shop. Yup! That’s me, being my favorite customer (ACK!) BUT isn’t his bag cute AND lightweight?! AND it packs flat, a little folding and you are ready to go! Love it! I could do an entire blog on traveling and packing!




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