Who and What I am into this Week: The New Sweatsuit


I love it when a good old friend returns to the fashion scene. This season I have seen more choices in our snuggly, washable favorite, the sweatshirt. Just as the air is beginning to chill, to warm for wool but too breezy for tank tops, I have seen variations of sweatshirts that are cut perfectly for a girl who is doesn’t want to be squeezed into her clothing all the time. This is not about buying a new sweatshirt next to a tub of pretzels at a warehouse store (just say no to the old Champions and the pretzels) To make sure it feels up to date, keep an eye on cut, color and fun details.

I am DYING for these “jeans” that are really sweatpants above! Yup, those are sweatpants! Brilliant. I would be happy to sport those around town AND sit in them all day at my desk! Genius from the women who invented the velour tracksuit at Juicy Couture. Now Pam and Gela have developed a new line in it’s 3rd season, yum. These women truly understand what someone wants to live in!

Zara (Love the side zip details and the pleated hem!)



If you are at all familiar with the concept of cost per wear then you will be all over this because you know you will gravitate towards these yummy sweats everyday. It’s all in the styling, ladies. Dress them up and go to dinner or tuck in and read a good book!

JCrew (I just bought the bottoms and am pretty sure I need that shell pink top!)