Who and What I am into this Week: Stylish Spring finds

Are you ready for warm weather, already? This between season is tough for us in the Northeast. It’s tough to claim it as Spring when you are wet and chilly, but sick of wool. So I am dreaming of some stylish Spring finds today.


Erin Hiemstra Style: Love everything she wears. Very cool, not crazy expensive. Love this bag and the way this shot is styled because-eh hem- this is how is it happens on my floor. Follow to link to find the very affordable bag. I may skip the bright colors and carry a black bag this Spring!


Stylizimoand Black and White. Admittedly I am obsessing over  black and white and I am not sure I am ever turning back. (Check out my new Pinterest Board dedicated to my obsession) Look at this rose gold hanging light! Nice, right? I bought a clear acrylic chair for my studio and now I am in love with “ghost chairs.” Maybe I just like that term ghost.


Rent the Runway actually sent me a catalog in the mail this week! I heard they were  testing some new marketing. Not sure how they found me-I am sure I am on AT LOT of catalog listseh-hem. I was smitten with this dress! How about that pattern! It’s Halston Heritage. It got me thinking about weddings, graduations and parties this summer. It might be a nice alternative to look fabulous without having a dress in your closet that you may not ever wear again. Of course, if this was in my closet, I would be wearing it to breakfast!


 Betty one of my favorite prints from my Esty shop, Monica Lee. Inspired by old snapshots of my mom when we lived in Italy. She was so chic. Seems I can’t get enough of an updo or stripes!


My Dear John scarf. I designed this print and liked it enough to have it made into a silk scarf. It’s a tongue and cheek look at dating and it always makes me smile.

It reads: “Sweetheart, I hate to cancel but something has come up!” “Darling, Meet me at 8!” “Dear John, I have decided to stay in the city after all!” Chic and not to heavy for a cool spring day! 


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