Who and What I am into this Week: Seeing Style Patterns


One of my favorite things to do is to walk away from something visually for a bit and then come back to it and surprise myself. I have several hidden boards on my Pinterest account and I recently clicked over to this one and was almost startled at what I saw. This again confirms that what we see visually has a tremendous impact on us as creatives. This can work in your favor when you understand why you are responding to something that appeals to you.

On this board I had pinned imagery and then pinned some new watercolor work onto the board to see if I was telling the story that I wanted to tell. You can see that I am drawn to classic florals with soft fluttery petals. (check the image below) I had even used them in some photography unconsciously. You can see that I consider black and white quite glamorous. I felt the need to paint the classic florals in black and white.

I adore this image of a woman in the pretty floral skirt reading the newspaper. When I saw it on the board, I could see myself telling that images color story on the shoe painting I did, red, a bit of yellow and green, grounded by black.

I could also see my love affair with classic stripes being continued. And then I even had to laugh at the image of Katherine Hepburn in a fur and distressed boy jeans.  When the boyfriend jean recently showed up on the jeans trend scene, I knew it was for me! I had been wearing Toms old jeans for some time, saggy bottoms all! I am wild about how this was paired with a high end coat, the perfect juxtaposition of casual and glamour especially in the day of no “stylists.”


As  we head into another round of Smart Creative Style, students  get to uncover bits and pieces about themselves that might have been laying dormant. They might be choosing the same palette over and over but not realizing what in their own lives influenced them. For me it was old movie sets and the stories that came along with my being a born in Italy.

Everyone one of you has a story to tell and if you are reading this, you are probably finding yourself telling your story visually and via design choices. I believe today more than ever we have to tell our stories visually. This means we have to edit out the nonessential and make wise but heartfelt choices over and over again. As you grow your brand and business, you will have  to show up  consistently for  your clients and audience over and over again. It is imperative that you recognize your own style patterns. I can help you with that! It is glorious confirmation when someone picks up on something that you may not be seeing!

It is time for you to see YOUR OWN STYLE PATTERN!

Smart Creative Style is an opportunity to hone in on what you want to convey as you take your creative self out into the world. It gives you the opportunity to show up in the marketplace as only you can do because when you realize what appeals to you and why, you have hit the prefect note. And that is what we all want, right? There is a sweetness and joy that comes along to unveiling our very best selves.

Fun to note: You can even see down in the bottom of this Pinterest board screen shot,  a picture of some bread tied with a big black satin ribbon. That appealed to me so instantly that I knew I had to incorporate black satin ribbons in my own branding. Branding is SO much more than a logo and font choice. It is about every choice from how you monetize to how you communicate. It is well worth the time and effort to make sure you get express yourself  as the beautiful sexy self that you are!