Who and What I am into this Week: What being a Mompreneur can mean


I ran across this article by Richard Branson where he talked about how he fell in love with entrepreneurship. He wrote:

“My introduction to the working world came from my mother, who was always using her limitless imagination to come up with new business ideas. She managed the whole process herself, from developing the ideas, to crafting the products, to making deals with distributors and selling goods herself. One of her more successful ventures was building and selling wooden tissue boxes and wastepaper bins in national stores.”

Then he adds this:

“She was resolute, and taught me if an item didn’t sell, you try something else.”

I looked up resolute:

res·o·lute adjective
  1. admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering

Yes! That is what I want my son to witness! The last day of Smart Creative Style was yesterday (sob! It was so incredibly fun!) and I picked up my son from school and shared my joy (again) on how well the course had turned out. How a-m-a-z-e-d I was at the results! Then I made him watch a video montage (kinda proud of my new skill) that I had created from the student mood boards. He knows that I am happy, he knows that I have worked very very hard.  He also knows that I don’t take credit for it all myself (hence the amazement-God is good!)

I know so many women who want to make a difference in people lives. They want their children to witness joy.  How about  Sir Richard Branson’s mother?! Did she have any idea that she was sparking the imagination of her bright son? Did she have any inkling that he might be in the position to give back and make a difference in so many lives through good jobs and through his charities?

For all of you who are slugging away with resolute determination, good for you! Keep at it! Your children are watching. It’s the ultimate mentorship program. Bring joy to all your tasks. Don’t despise small beginnings, it all counts. If you are able to spark the imagination of the ones you love the VERY most, you are making a difference!




  • Cherish Flieder

    God is good. What a great way to set an example Monica. 🙂

  • betz

    I think about this all of the time! It’s important for them to see the lows along with the highs and that it is possible to do what you want even though it often isn’t easy. Yay moms as mentors!

  • Guest

    The reason why I decided to become an illustrator, was to prove to my sons that no matter how old you are, which paths you choose or how long it takes, with hard work and determination your dream can become true 🙂

  • Phyllis Harris

    This is so wonderful, Monica!! Although my daughter is grown and blessed me with a beautiful grand daughter almost four months ago, she recently told me that she would love nothing more than working with me in my business!! I am so flattered and feel so blessed that she feels this way. It makes me think that maybe I did something correctly by tugging her along all those years when I freelanced and worked for myself. <3