Who and What I am into this Week: My dad


I had heard the Family Search was offering a free ticket to ALT summit  if you did a post related to Father’s.They may have been thinking of  a DIY and craft post.  Does crafting a blog post count?  When I went through photos of my own father, Ron Moerbe,  I surprised myself by seeing in a him different light. I started with this young farm photo of him and his dog, who is rumored to have saved him from drowning at one point. Then I found the hot shot athlete photo of him in his football uniform and I was struck that my own son is about the same age as this photo. Full of himself and full of promise. I think sometimes we forget to look at out parents and at their lives in their entirety. Naturally we are disconnected from their younger selves but if you allow yourself to see your father you might appreciate and love him even more than you thought you could. Did my father meet his hopes and dreams? Has his life been better than he planned as a young man?

He didn’t have a the easiest childhood but I do know (through the family rumor mill) that he was always up for fun and and serious high jinx!  He left a farm in west Texas, went on to get a college education, became a highly decorated career Army officer, traveled all over the world, experienced  and embraced new things before eventually settling back down in Texas. I am immensely proud of everything he has done for his country and for our family. What in your father’s history makes you proud?




Here he is with my Luke!

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  • Laura “Oberg”

    Great pix Monica! I love your parents! High jinx, remembering your dad setting off firecrackers in our porch! Loved riding in the station wagon with your family. Happy Father’s Day Ron Moerbe!! Thanks for sharing, Monica!