Who and What I am into this week: Looking inside your spaces to find your creative style


As I have journeyed down the path to  discovering my style and aesthetic, one exercise that I recently did in my own home surprised me. On a bright sunny Saturday morning while still wearing my pj’s I walked around my house with my camera in hand. I cannot for the life of me now remember why I had my camera out but what I do know is that I was relaxed, calm and and content. I gave myself a casual assignment to take pictures of my favorite vignettes, textures and colors in my own home. I wandered room to room snapping only the things I loved even if it did not make sense  to me intellectually. I had purchased a small sparkly bag months ago but couldn’t bring myself to put it away, I always my jewelry hanger  etc.

What I realized when I downloaded the photos is that I had not taken one picture in my studio/office space. It is not because I didn’t enter this space with my camera. It was because I couldn’t find anything about it I absolutely loved. So I forced myself to take pictures of my office  and I was really surprised. Laying it all out before me in the form of photography made it clear that my work space was not a reflection of what I really love.

This is only one of the investigative exercises that are a part of  my Smart Creative Style coaching. I am putting together. I was a little surprised it was so clear. I remembered having to paint my office very quickly before new furniture came in. I gave myself about 10 minutes to pick a new paint color. As soon as I rolled the color on I knew it wasn’t right but I moved forward. When I started doing video I thought I needed bright colors to liven up the background. The only other bright color in my home are in the kitchen (where my brights happily belong.)

Not bad but not necessarily me.

Now I can plan an office re do slowly and more deliberately.


I would suggest you trying this exercise out yourself. It can be interesting to see what you have surrounded yourself with. It may prompt you to have a yard sale, haha! It may give you great pleasure as well as decorating definition!

Update: Here are snapshots of my studio once I moved upstairs!






  • Jacquelynne Steves says:

    I loved getting a peek inside your home and your office. I, like so many people I talk to, tend to say “I can’t choose (a color, style, etc.) because I love everything.” But a while ago I realized that just because I admire or enjoy lots of different styles and aesthetics doesn’t necessarily mean that all of those things reflect ME. I can really love someone else’s kitchen or new blouse, but that doesn’t mean that it would necessarily suit me or my personality. So now I’m trying to sort out what is really my own personal aesthetic from things that I just enjoy and admire. Tricky!

    • Monica Lee says:

      Woot! Sorting it out is exactly what I wants this new course to do AS WELL AS help you interpret it, brand it and market it!!!

  • Eva Bengtsson says:

    This is such a great idea Monica! I’m looking forward to this new course of yours, it sounds interesting! I know you have several coaching/courses… I’m not quite sure what the difference between them are, maybe you could do a post to explain a bit more around that?

  • Robin Sample says:

    What a fabulous idea. I can’t wait to see what else you have in store in the new course…which I am sitting here on the edge of my chair waiting to see!

    And the photos of your home are really lovely.

  • Khali Whatley says:

    I just loved seeing your photos. I immediately thought your house was definitely more ‘on brand’ than your office, so interesting, right?!

  • Martha Shouse says:

    Monica, Awesome interview with Mary Beth Freet. I learned so much from this video. I am so excited about your new course as well. I know it will be so enlightening and informative. When I watch your videos, I feel like I am in your studio with you…lol You are so “down to earth” and seem to make comments and ask questions that I really want to hear!
    Also, I am so excited that I won the book giveaway, “Madam Chic”. How wonderful, thank you. Let me know how to forward my address to you for mailing. And again, many thanks for all you do ….you are so much fun!
    Martha Shouse

  • Bee Eastman says:

    I like this exercise Monica because I can even walk by some vignettes and love them in the house; but my office is such a project that I avoid the room. I’m going to get the paint colors going. I have a plan in my head but time to make it comfortable. I do get the feeling from your videos that your background is inviting. I so enjoy listening to your interviews and love your laugh!!

  • Carin Cullen says:

    I love this! Thank you so much for sharing pictures from your home! And the difference between the office and the rest of your home is amazing…they’re like night and day! I’ve seen videos you’ve posted from other rooms in your home before (like the rotary video), and the energy is completely different.

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