Who and What I am into this Week: Inspiration Interpreted into Stationery

I wanted to give a quick example of knowing what your style is and being able to interpret it can do for you. Here are three fabulous women who are showing at the National Stationery Show (and ladies I have interviewed!)

Eva at Sycamore Street Press. She has put her stake in the ground for her new line and look she calls minimal bohemian. She blogs about in detail, it is a fun read! She found shops and homes that spoke to and inspired her. You know, when something appeals to you and you just have to keep staring? She then set out to capture the mood of these settings! Below is a peek at part of her new line! They are in Booth 1851, stop by and look at the entire collection! You can see my interview with Eva here.




Cat Seto from Ferme A Papier. When I interviewed Cat, she talked about being completely inspired by her first trip to the French countryside. I was particularly taken with her vision of her travels, they were dark and lush and had a vintage almost masculine side. She was taken with the growth and garden aspect of her travels. She is in booth 1936 debuting a follow up to her first line. I found sneak peeks on her instagram You can see my interview with Cat here.


Emily McDowell in booth 1544! Well, she is just hilarious. Emily completely understands her mission of “chronicling the human condition.” She manages to say what we all really want to say. This was my very favorite card that I judged for the Louie Awards this year (It was in Feburary!)


She loves hand lettering type and she has something to say! She understands and is inspired by the awkward moments in life and interprets them so well! The fact that she understands herself and her style has parlayed her company to success.  You can see my interview with Emily here.


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  • Eva @ Sycamore Street Press says:

    Just getting caught up after the stationery show and saw this! Thanks so much, Monica! I’m honored to be in the company of such smart creative women! 🙂

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