Who and What I am into this Week: The good and sacred art of reading


Much to my parents surprise I turned out to be quite the reader. I struggled with what was called “reading reversal” when I was young which equates to mild dyslexia. The parochial school I was attending at the time had us reading out of the Bible and I simply couldn’t read the complex and tightly spaced type. I would sit in fear of being called on. Fortunately, it was a pretty loose and loving atmosphere (afterall it was Hawaii) and I was sent to a specialist. The suggestion was to find something that I loved and read it to my parents as practice. I remember sitting on the kitchen counter (what a treat) reading aloud to my mother while she prepared dinner. I was hooked.

Recently Meghan, my upbeat, always positive, tons of ideas, admin suggested we start a Smart Creative Women book club. I was in the middle of Smart Creative Style and immediately said “NO, I can’t do it!” Then I thought, “Wait, that might fun.” and then I thought I went back to no. Why the wishy washy stance, Monica? I think it is because reading has become a sacred space for me. I read everything from spiritual books, to business books, to trashy romance novels. Lately, I have been spending inordinate amounts of money on coffee table books and reading them (not just looking at the pictures.)

I snapped this shot of what I have handy this week. I have a constant stack going and just ordered another round today (I love Amazon prime!) If you were to ask me what I can count on for inspiration again and again, I would have to say BOOKS. I am not a book snob by any means, I come from a mother who reads cookbooks like novels. In fact, she just sent me one in the mail!

I wouldn’t even know where to begin with a book club, what if someone pointed out something I hadn’t noticed in a book and then I realized I was NOT that inspired by it? Weird way to think, I know.

You see, I open a book expecting for magic to happen.

I expect some sort  gold nugget to fall off the page. I know how hard it is to write a blog post, I can’t imagine the heart and soul that goes into an entire book! When I read, I join right in with the authors sweat, love and intention and I open myself to their message even if it is sheer entertainment. There is simply nothing like curling up with a good book.

What are you reading this week?


  • Jennifer

    Wonderful blog post, Monica. Thank you for sharing your challenges with reading. Reading IS really personal. I would love to hear more about a SCW Book Club when you are ready! 🙂