Who and What I am into this Week: Golden Globe fashion

You didn’t think I could let the award season go by without commenting on the dresses could you? Oh, silly you! It’s not like me to be judgmental, but it is a glamourous evening affair!  I have opinions! Opinions!First of all, WHEN WILL THEY LEARN??? PRINTS are never viewed favorably on the red carpet! I don’t care if it is well styled, you have a killer figure-it always gets a worst dresses vote. Please, save  the prints for the Cannes Film Festival. Also-heavy satin does not photograph well. Somebody ALWAYS says…”It needs pressing.” I don’t even know why the designers make gowns in heavy satin for awards season. It doesn’t move well, it shines and it shows every flaw, not that wrinkles are flaws but you know what I mean. I am an armchair stylist and I wouldn’t have let anybody out in these because they  always fall into the fail category. Styling 101: no prints, no heavy satin.


Moving onlet’s pick some unsung heroes. I am heralding black and black and white at the Golden Globes. Dying over the shape below-it’s all about the silhouette, baby! This dress does the job!


This black and white gown is probably my favorite. If you want old Hollywood glamour, this is the dress. White with black detail because that is what SHOWED UP in old black and white movies. It still photographs exquisitely. Maybe stylists are simply too young to have watched “old” Hollywood movies.  Finally, a benefit to being older.


An absolute hit for me was Kate Blanchetts dress until I found out she hates dressing for the red carpet. Bummer, because this dress is perfection!

461491291TM00652_71st_Annua  Black and white misses in my opinion.

 1.The band across her shoulder makes her posture look uncomfortable. 2. Love that Hayden bought this with her own money, but the halter neckline doesn’t work on her frame. 3. Oddly too graphic for photography. 4. Julia! Julia! Cotton is not glamorous enough for the red carpet. It belongs in the office. Oh! Maybe this is your office. 


Although I do like gold, at first glance, these two looked too similar. Am I the only one that noticed? Good thing they have different hair cuts otherwise they might be the same person!


Honorable mentions. Sophia Vegaro, it was nice to see her in something other than the mermaid shaped dresses she always wears. She was hilarious when she mentioned she was sneaking in a bunch of Columbians in the party underneath her gown. Next time, maybe a different hairstyle?


Margot Robbie in white that did not look bridal, plus she seemed to be having so much fun AND she was one of my favorite flight attendants in the shut-down-too-early TV show Pan Am.


See, I am all nice and encouraging when I am talking creative business, but when it comes to dressing up-I am a whole different monster. So thank you for letting me indulge.  I may need to do a paint up of some of these!

  • Melissa AuClair

    Monica, you brought a smile to my face. O.k. no prints and no heavy- how about never ever, no matter where you are? Some of those dresses should not come out of the designers rooms!!!! Love your fun take on the clothes 🙂 Let’s see those sketches!

  • Oh my gosh, this had me cracking up. The funny thing is, I had those first two dresses on my Best Dressed list. I love prints!!!!! Good thing I’m a wedding blogger and not a fashion blogger. 🙂