Who and What I am into this week: Failures and successes a week of technology


Technology? Really? That’s what you are into this week, Monica? I wish I could say I was into something more glamourous but the past week had me wrapped up with things that went right and wrong. Ok, mostly what went wrong. It started on Monday when I  came to terms with the fact that I lost some very important video I took at a PVD Lady Project event. Crash, burn. How could I have lost an entire days worth of recordings? I couldn’t even think clearly for the rest of the day. Midweek, on the day I post a new guest video, I published the interview, pushed it out to my social media channels and then my site went down.

Several phone calls to my hosting company later, it was them not me, I decided to get a refund on the new hosting package I had just purchased  for Smart Creative Style. More phones calls. 100 emails to my web site manager, Linda, in Italy . Yes, I know I am not typing complete sentences. Another phone call to verify the new account at a different hosting company…can you see where I am headed here? Lots of tech babble this week.

I had to laugh when one of the account managers said she was relieved that I knew what I was talking about. Really? Me? I told her that I knew just enough to be dangerous.

The moral of this story is…

Don’t let a set back (Monday’s epic fail) throw you off your game. Keep  moving forward. Get a working knowledge of what you are doing so you can make educated decisions. If  Linda where living in the States, I may have just handed it to her to make all these calls. I am glad I  am growing in area I never thought I would tackle, even if it involves failing on occasion.

Here is what is working:

1)A new landing page is up for the NEW course, Smart Creative Style. You can opt in if you want updates about it! I secured some experts this week. Yippee! More to come!

2)I am loving to new video function in the interviews that let’s you click away from a video and the page entirely and come right back to were you left off. Brilliant. I am hoping you like it too.

3) I (ok, Linda) moved the topics onto the sidebar so you can easily see them. Nice. I think that will help new comers find new topics as well as guests that they are interested in.

And for today’s pretty…the shots are from Joy Uyneo who is coming ver today to shoot more of the scarves I designed. I do plan on selling them someday! The scarf reads “Lovely is a state of mind.”




  • Meghan Irene says:

    Monica!! You never cease to amaze me! I love the new update to the Smart Creative Women site! It looks so stylish! So YOU! I can’t WAIT for your new course to be released! You are a breath of fresh air and a true inspiration to many. Keep up the GREAT work. P.S. Your scarves are lovely! I might have to pick one up! =]

  • Chris Olson says:

    Oh my! What a week! I am hoping this weekend treats you well! Thanks for sharing the ups and downs—and I agree we all need to keep plugging along even when we hit a bump in the road. “Lovely is a state of mind” is my motto for the weekend. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Linda Tieu says:

    Definitely a bumpy week and we can all relate at some point or another. It’s weird how everything converges and it’s just crazy… but we get through it! I think you handled it all very well and glad to have been able to help you out a bit 😛 btw, those scarves are lovely!

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