Who and What I am into this week: Brides doing’ their own thing


I met Lexi the author of Glitter Weddings and Glitter and Pearls at Alt last January. She and her husband where just the cutest couple! I think her multiple websites are so pretty although I am not sure how she manages them considering she is also a part-time attorney too! She  does a feature called Tuesday Shoesday on Glitter Weddings, how fun is that? You can search the posts on the site by color, THAT ended up eating some of my afternoon. Then I popped over to Glitter and Pearls where she recently featured her own wedding. Had to laugh, she and her husband who are from Miami had a beautiful event in Maine…in OCTOBER and they were cold. Yes, Yankees call it “sweater weather”  but if you are from Florida it will be really tough! What I loved the most is that brides, including Lexi are really marching to the beat of their own drummers being stylish on their own terms. How about these ROCKIN’ shoes Lexi sported??



An etsy shop got popped into my email this week via an art group that had nothing to do with art but everything to do with a fun designer who creates all sort of  fabulous fun attire! Alexandra King designs really darling clothing and vintage inspired cocktail and wedding dresses…again for a bride who wants to have her day reflect HER! Sorry, we love you Mom, but it is her day after all. How about the beading on the shoulder of this gown? Fun! Fun! Unique! Short or long dresses, bright shoes, oxfords, I am happy to see brides breaking out of any constraints that might not make them feel the most like themselves on their big day.


And could somebody PLEASE have a snazzy cocktail party so I could wear this sequin polka dot dress?  PLEASE? Maybe I am just channeling my inner prom girl…maybe I should just paint the dress.


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