Who and What I am into this Week: A little fun and authenticity


Well, I tucked in for the holiday and shut down my “business brain.” Don’t you just need to do that sometimes? Turns out I haven’t shut down my thinking cap for this long in a quite a while. Then one day, when I vowed to never use my brain again (much to my family’s concern) it just started working again. Ha-ha!


During my playtime, I created some new iPhone cases and prints over at Society 6 (they have all the  phone models.) How fun, I know I already mentioned it in Wednesday’s post but I am still basking in the fact that I tuned out deadlines and played with my paint brushes. Turns out, I like to fill the entire space on a cover and I am partial to black and white!Must be that I don’t want my phone to clash with my outfit, nothing neurotic about that…


8180308_14646840-caseiphone5_b I think for me 2014 is going to look fun. FUN! That’s my word for the year.  So you might see some more relaxed posts like this one about AUTHENTICITY  that was posted on the Altitude Summit blog.  I sent over a marker sketch and they used it in the post. I re-painted for Society 6 the image because I wanted it in watercolor.


I also wrote a post about Rekindling Your Blogging Romance  something you may need about now (remember when you first hit publish?? How fun was that?)

8189502_3137483-caseiphone5_b I had to add the obligatory zebra print! (With a little kiss mark) and then I spotted Tom’s Chuck Taylors in his closet and had to paint those!

8180135_9605866-caseiphone5_b   8180717_13457079-caseiphone5_b

I just want to keep adding more! Do you have a favorite? I still can’t decide which one to print for my phone. Oh, other good news is that I am a speaker at the ALT conference this year! My subject is Tools for tapping into your originality. Why it is important not to look like the person standing next to you. Exciting for me to convey this message in a shorter period of time.  In the Smart Creative Style course, I get 6 weeks! But we tackle business models, social media etc. in the course. I am grateful for this opportunity, so my brain is hopping about now!!



  • Joy | Frock Files

    I love them!!! The black heels are my favorite. You’re such a rock star with all your talents! xo

    • Oh so girly of you, Joy! And thank you :))) You are a bit of a rock start yourself!

  • Melissa AuClair

    Monica, are you selling these iPhone cases? Seriously SO fun! And..congratulations on speaking at ALT. You’re going to be great!

    • Melissa, Yes, you can buy them right off the Society 6 website to match your phone! And thank you!

      • Melissa AuClair

        Ugh, I just saw that you wrote (and linked) to the site in the post 🙁 Obviously my coffee hadn’t kicked in when I read this post this a.m. Thanks Monica 🙂

    • Monica Lee

      Hi! You are so kind to add my link on your site! As for the marketing rules you cite, as you can see I link out off this site on every single post! Generosity trumps what internet marketers say everytime. When you inform you own audience of good things, you become a trusted resource and they know you are not only thinking of what benefits you 🙂

    • Monica Lee

      Oh Thank you Felicia!!! You are the sweetest!