Who and What I am into this Week: A heartfelt transformation

This is a repost from Heatherlee Chan over at Lady Poppins Art. When I read this post I actually cried, when I put the style course together, I asked myself “What do people need?” While how-to’s in marketing and branding are good and paramount when you own your own business, it all comes together based on what we know about ourselves. I asked Heather if I could share her post because truthfully, I don’t think I can market the course any better than how she does in this heartfelt post! Thank YOU, Heather for writing this!  Smart Creative Style is coming up in August! Get on the list so you don’t miss out because “there is no one else like you!”


What I learned from taking the Smart Creative Style Course by Monica Lee

Monica didn’t mean to change my life.

But she did.

I was browsing Pinterest and came across a cute illustration. I followed the link and it led me to Smart Creative Women. MIND BLOWN.

I perused. I bookmarked. I came back the next day. And the next. And soon it became an addiction. 

I cleaned dishes, folded laundry, and painted while I listened to Monica interview some of the most awesome and creative women. 

After I finished listening to all the interviews I wanted to hear more about her. So I listened to her pep talks and read the blog posts. 

In this blog post she encouraged her readers to try a technique she was using in her Smart Creative Style course. You make a Pinterest board and pin only the images that speak to your heart, the ones you must always be able to find because they are so special. And when you are all done you take a step back, minimize your screen, and analyze. 

So I tried this exercise and discovered that I like light blue the most, not turquoise. I loved the images of feminine and sweet 20s girls, not the 50s girls. How could this be? My house has turquoise everywhere! I loved it before it was cool. I love Doris Day and her fashion in her movies. But this is what I pinned, and this is what I felt was part of me. 

This SIMPLE exercise was enlightening. So then Monica announced that the next round of Smart Creative Style Course was enrollingand that there would be two opportunities to win a scholarship. I knew I MUST take this course!! I didn’t know how it would happen, but I felt like I belonged in this class. I prayed. And I hoped. 
And I lost. 

Sarah Jane Studios (the cutest and sweetest children’s illustrator) gave away the first scholarship and I lost. But alas, there was one more!

Jeanean Morrison, the darling, friendly, fabulous fabric designer and artist, was giving away a scholarship. So I entered.  AND I WON!!!!!

 Holy moly, it was amazing. I received a notification on my phone that an email just came in. The title said “You Won!” I knew exactly what it was! I screamed, I danced with my 3 year old daughter for ten minutes around our house, I called my husband with a voice that sounded as if we had won the lottery. 

But really, I had. 
Because this was the catalyst for change. 


I still don’t even know what is going to happen because of this opportunity, but I know deep down in my soul that God blessed me with this with His perfect timing. After YEARS of thinking I was mediocre with nothing new to bring to the world (so why bother trying?) I was beginning to see that what I loved and what I could put on paper had not been done before. And then we began the class.

Monica sent each of us the cutest journal that she had made especially for us. I filled every single page. 

I have taken one other online course and that was in college for Educational Technology. Now THAT was a snoozefest. But Monica’s intro video had music, a dance, and sparkles (I am NOT kidding—she wore sequins, which made me love her even more)! 

There was a video from Monica for each lesson (two times a week). In addition, she had amazing, knowledgeable, and famous guest teachers, links to relevant articles, PDF downloads, and knowledge that took her years of acquiring summed up and shared with us in ONE course. 


 So I first off, I learned. 

I was such a good student. I read everything and did all the assignments. 

But what makes Monica a talented teacher is how she posed questions and really made us reflect on our answers. Oh and this gal has a way with words! We would make Pinterest boards on a particular topic (i.e., nature, art, fashion, etc) and then post a link on the private Facebook page. Everyone would click through, look at it, and then comment on the things they saw and felt. While most of us would come up with a line or two of analysis, she would see things that no one else saw and relay it in such an encouraging and in depth manner. I would always have to go look at the board again so I could recognize what she had pointed out. 

Because we were encouraged to comment and post questions, there were even friendships that were formed. The Facebook group that is created for each class remains open forever so that any time we feel like posting something there are our classmates ready to respond.

So now the class is over. The dust is finally settling. I had a crazy breakthrough. I was in the shower and I realized my perspective was heavily influenced on my LOVE of literature. Dare I say obsession? A child that plays Librarian? That was me. 

This is what I realized was true for me: we are all heroines in our story. 

My view of the world is skewed and is seen through the eyes of written words where time doesn’t exist. You can spend pages describing ten seconds. The heroines are your friends, yet they are also you. You can go wherever within the confines of your bed or backyard. 

This is ONE aspect of the many things I learned about myself. 

I could go on and on. 

But most importantly, I learned that there is no one else like me. Yet, there are so many others that feel the same. And maybe, just maybe, my art will speak to them. Maybe I don’t create exact replicas of still life setups (and I could if I worked hard at it—but do I find it enjoyable? No.). But I do paint things from that corner of my mind. 

That place where imaginary is real. 

 I like that I KNOW what I like and I know WHY I like it. I can see new images, feel excited by them, and I can also trace it back linearly to the reason. 

For example, looking at pins of brides in nature in their white dresses enchants me. Why? Because I like femininityàromanceà1910sàsimplicityàthe solitude before change

But MY thinking will not match ANYONE else’s. We might be similar, but yours is going to come from a completely different place, thus a different order, and a few different words that completely change the outcome. 

Monica has given me the tools to discover what I love (and I can do this continually!). She is the ultimate cheerleader, the mentor, and the friend. I have never met her, nor have I even spoken to her on the phone, but I know that I adore her. She is completely transparent, honest, and authentic. I know that who she is in her videos is who she is while at Target, cooking dinner, and at a party. She creates an online classroom that is full of love, encouragement, and self-discovery. This class is truly priceless. 

 I don’t care who you are, you need to take this class. Even if you think you completely know yourself (which I thought I did!!) you will walk away surprised and left thinking about it for months, but touched forever. The addition of all the practical and helpful business advice blends in beautifully and will enhance any creative person and business. 

 And so I close with a heartfelt thank you to Jenean Morrison for being my fairy godmother. Your generosity has changed me and inspired me. And thank you to Monica Lee for blessing people with your talents as a teacher and artist

 Thank you will never be enough. 

You can see some of  Heather’s boards and more of her art here. 


  • Great post and I couldn’t agree more! I was in the first class and have recently decided to go through all my notes and re-do some of the exercises again! I had some major breakthrough’s, but I felt that it was so much more information than I had anticipated that I think going through it a second time (now that I’ve had time to absorb a lot of it) will help me see things/make decisions more clearly on some of the more business aspects of the course. Wonderful, wonderful course! I highly recommend taking this course, not only to find your style and voice, but also to help guide you in building the foundations of your business + marketing your business! Absolutely amazing! Thank you Monica!

  • Linda Tieu says:

    Amazing amazing… I’m off to explore Heatherlee’s beautiful art now!

    • Thanks for checking it out, Linda! Your work is SO adorable!!

      • Linda Tieu says:

        how kind of you! i’m still working through the SCS course myself… it takes a fair amount of time to work out some of the elements for yourself… so much to discover and so much to learn!

  • 3 cheers for Monica! She created a life changing experience for me too! I feel in love with what I do. You are a blessing Miss Monica!

  • Thank you for creating such a fabulous class, Monica! It really changed me and gave me a whole new set of eyes. There is so much clarity now! I had this post sitting as an open Word document on my desktop for the past month and it never felt like it did you justice. But then I realized nothing could 🙂 Thank you for being you, listening to your heart, sharing knowledge, and bringing us all closer together.

  • Absolutely! So well said. I was completely obsessed by this class when I took it and am still absorbing what I learned. It will forever change the way I view myself and my art. I look forward to Monica's uplifting interviews. It's like listening to an old friend who is just inspiring, uplifting, and delightful.

  • Kathy Weller says:

    Oh, what a great post! Thank you for sharing your SCS story! It is an AMAZING course and it was a game changer for me as well. Well worth the investment in ones’ self!! 🙂

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