Who and what I am into this week 5


Here is fun visual treat for you surface pattern designers. There is a blog hop going on that features patterns created by several artists. It feature their patterns AND what inspired them….don’t you just love the inspiration part? I know I do. This set  above and the first stop on the hop is by Gill Eggleston of Pattern Addict. So I guess the color of last week was pink and this week it is emerald green (with some peacock thrown in!)

Also this week, I went hunting around on Kollabora-I got a neat gift certificate from them (somewhere on my desk…oops! I may have over cleaned!) They are Alt Summit sponsors this year. I found these cool projects to knit! Have you heard of Kollabora? It is a community for makers. Maker, I love that word. It has projects, ideas AND supplies on the site. It is really fun!

I found this dress! The dress may  be a bit beyond my skill level and I  may want her figure more than the knit dress.


This pencil case (or little clutch) may be more my speed.



I am in the middle of knitting this mess  lovely wrap and need to get it done before I travel to Salt Lake for ALT. I  am conjuring up plans on how I can bring a little taste of fun back for you! Stay tuned!


  • Rosie Martinez-Dekker

    You are amazing Monica! Thanks for your support with the Bloghop and thanks for helping us being inspired to achieve our dreams! Love Rosie Martinez-Dekker

  • Thanks for mentioning the blog hop! It’s been great to be part of it and the amount of talent is incredible.

  • Julie

    Thanks for the mention Monica! I spent yesterday going through the bloghop and it is definitely worth a visit! Julie

  • Gill

    Thank you very much for the feature today on here. I am completely thrilled! Gill.

  • Bethania Lima

    Monica, I am very grateful to you for posting about our Blog Hop. I know it requires some time to go over it, but I am suspicously very well impressed with the results. A big thank you goes to Rosie, curator, MaJo, author of the logo, and Gill Eggleston, the lady behind the wonderful Efuto drive that took us to an international directory of surface pattern designers. Thank you again, Monica! 

  • Leskahamatydesign

    Hello Monica,
    Very grateful for you and all you share with us creatives. Being apart of the blog hop is a real honor. These ladies are amazingly talented and pass along their loving spirit at every opportunity. Let me also mention Rachael Taylor and Beth Nicholas whom without we would never met. Cheers ladies!