who and what I am into this week 4


I guess you could say I am into PINK this week. What I have really been up to a preparing not only a facelift to the Smart Creative Women but also preparing some collateral for Alt Summit in a couple weeks. Not only have I bitten off a new look for Smart Creative Women but I have recently decided to revamp Monica Lee Studios and add some fun portfolio pieces. This was a big decision for me, oddly. I even reached out for some help to get my head on straight about what exactly I wanted to do and how to do it. What I do know is that I wanted it to involve watercolor “done my way.”

What I realized when I reached out for some advice is that I found the conversation much like the clarity coaching that I do for creative women. I wanted to know if what I was thinking wasn’t off track and I almost needed permission to completely embrace who I was and what type of creating I wanted to do. I examined this emotion…permission to do what I REALLY wanted to do. Granted  this was only in one area of my creative career. I gave myself permission to start Smart Creative Women and I think the passion shows…so what will happen when I give myself permission to create the exact type of art I want to create?

I needed some sage advice from a full time blogger about the time challenges involved with doing illustration and running a full time website. To me, this is taking on the form of only doing “special projects” art wise. Just that wording already gives me a sense of ease.  I think that will be Word Number 2 for 2013 for me, PERMISSION. (Word Number 1 here)

So about the giraffe…I think she is right on trend but looks much better in Pink. Giraffes! Who knew that they were ever even “out?” I may have gotten a bit carried away with the new Windsor Newton Opera Pink that I purchased! We have a lively discussion about the new Pantone colors for the year on the Smart Creative Women Facebook page.  No pinks listed, but that is ok with me…I liked the Poppy Red and think it looks lovely with PINK.

(Confession: Those pink shoes came home with me.)


  • Kim Morin Weineck

    Sometimes all you need for a creative boost are new art supplies! Lovely, Monica!! 

  • Phyllis Harris


  • Kasey Hope

    I LOVE this post because this is exactly what I am realizing with my art. For so long I have been paralyzed with ” what will sell” what will people like” ..this is my year to not care but to simply ENJOY the process of creating! Maybe I will take them to a show, maybe not, but they will be 100% fun to create and authentically ME!

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