Who and what I am into this week 3


I am all about “pondering” during the week in between Christmas and New Years. Today is just a little “light pondering…”

Erin over at Design for Mankind posted an interesting article about slowing down this year (FYI she did have a baby this year) and I liked the sentiment. Less things, more quality…more meaning. So for 2013 are you slowing down or ramping up (nothing wrong with a ramp up..it may be your time)?

I do believe what that whether you are ramping up or slowing down, what you most likely want to avoid is that frenzied feeling, the need to “keep up.” All I can say is that feeling has jumped on me more than once this year. You can read this post about wearing my snow shoes as slippers.

So how do we start new businesses, explore our creativity, stay connected and stay relatively calm?  That is something I am determined to explore in 2013.

First, I need to make more time for “doing nothing” which is something very hard for this Virgo to comprehend. Second is to quit committing to do stupid things, i.e. driving all the way to Vermont to pick my son up from his ski vacation. A total of 6 hours of driving in one day. Pray for me…I leave this afternoon! I don’t think it is really that stupid, I am thrilled Luke got to ski with his best friend.

Which brings me to number three, I want to spend more time with girlfriends!  So many women put fun girlfriend time on the very bottom of their list of to-do’s.

I feel like I do it virtually at Smart Creative Women but I want more in person fun as well! I am pondering planning a fun weekend, meet up, something of like minded girls to have some spontaneous “scheduled” fun in 2013.


photo via pinterest vis Parker Cameron