Who and what I am into this week 2


I have a had my mind on a lot of things lately. Business, time, decorations, presents, me, business, me. All of that in no particular order. I do think I may have let my inner elf get a bit too scattered this month. I picked my son up from practice the other night and we debated on whether to go out to dinner on our way home. We got home and the fatigue of practice had caught up with him and he said, “Let’s eat in.” Which really means, “Mom you need to get it together and come up with a healthy dinner,” since

A. I am a growing hungry teenager

B. I have a track meet tomorrow and need to be “carb loading” what?!


The upside was that I got to change out of my jeans and into my jammie pants! At some point between, finding something to eat and getting comfy, I must have gotten distracted. Really distracted. It wasn’t until HOURS later that I realized that when I went to grab my slippers, I must have grabbed my snow boots. At about 10 pm I looked down and at the end of my flannel pajama bottoms sat my snow boots. Had I really had these on all night? Had nobody in my family thought that was weird enough to point out? Do my snow boots and my slippers feel exactly the same? Hmmm maybe that is a good thing.

When I read this hilarious post by Sarah Ahearn, I realized December can make even the most organized person go astray! You can get this print in Sarah’s etsy shop.

The good new is….Grace Kang is offering a discount for Smart Creative Women readers (watchers?) on the Olive Box subscription. Here are the details and what was the November box! AWESOME gift idea for someone or for yourself. If you are like me, I tend to be my favorite gift recipient!

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Lastly, it wouldn’t be December if I hadn’t thought of treating myself to some new clothes! I found this new website called Pixie Market. Appropriate for me, since I cut all my hair off. I spotted this dress and liked it…but then I began to wonder if it “read” a little  too much crossword puzzle? Wonder how it would look with snow boots.