Who and What I am into the past few weeks


Hello!! I used to post this weekly but the weeks have run into months and I feel like I am one giant work in progress. I will just make a giant catch up list:

1) I am in the executing phase of getting XO, Monica Lee launched. While I have had a nifty landing page for a bit,  behind it I am making gianormous  strides. It is all coming together and  my studio looks like a bomb went of in it. Thankfully, I am not  doing video and having to cleaning it on a regular basis. It’s all worth it, how exciting does this look!??  bag_mess


2) I have been sketching on regular basis. I have been frustrated with my tighter style for some time now and when I took myself away from my desk and even my studio with an old fashion pen (found in Paris-but still) and a stack of sketch books, I am finally able “PLAY ART.” Tough gig for a Virgo like me. I even built my own little gallery at MonicaLeeStudios.com  to remind myself that relaxing after a day of working away on projects is a good thing. 



3) I have been sketching up a storm on Instagram @XO_monicalee and even built a new account @XO_MonicaLee for the new biz. Still on the fence on whether I can manage both. Considering just showing up as “Monica” on one account. Your thoughts are welcome.  happymonicalee_72

4) I am a New York City girl lately. back and forth several times in several weeks. If you can, Come see me at Rachel Low’s Book party on May 2. I illustrated her cute cute book Girl’s Guide to DIY Fashion and she throws an awesome shindig..and her neighborhood is to die for.   monicalee_NYC



You can get all the details here. Her shop is ADORABLE and I will be doing LIVE sketching. She even made wallpaper out of some on my illustrations and lined her shelves with them! Wild!



4.5) I managed to take an awesome class with Helen Dealtry in Brooklyn and naturally, my homing pigeon skills found a vintage clothing store a block away. Silk dress from Paris, score!



5) I am also speaking on a Surtex panel Sunday morning May 17th! I am discussing ways to monetize your art, Licensing, Selling and Beyond. How many fingers do you need and in how many pies? Let’s discuss. Come join us! I would love to meet you anytime, if you see me-grab me and say hello!!!

Some pics from Helen’s workshop:






  • Oh my goodness, Monica! I am tired just reading your post but also sooo stoked for you and what you are doing now with your amazing talents! Yay you! Go girl!!

  • that workshop looks divine! Congratulations on all the exciting developments!! See you in NYC!!

  • Linda Tieu says:

    You’ve always got so much going on – good for you!

  • Eva Byrne says:

    Hi Monica, I am loving your loose style, witty, feminine and fresh.
    Why oh why is it so hard to let go and just let what comes naturally flow out??Huh Universe, answer me that!

  • you are a whirlwind! I am so excited to be able to meet you in NY – I will try to track you down but I'll be on booth 222 so please come and find me even if only for 5 mins. I am embarassed that time has flown so much and I never managed to arrange our chat, I've had a lot on my plate! Your bags look gorgeous… I know what you mean about two accounts and I think in the long term it will be easier with one 😉 but then again intially when promoting your brand to fashion outlets.. – there are always two sides! X Good luck with your talk at Surtex !

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