Whitney English on staying creative


Listen in to this very special interview with Whitney English. Whitney is stationer, designer, entrepreneur and most importantly, a mother of three. She shares her journey in this interview, the highs and the lows. If you have followed Whitney’s blog you may know she has been talking very openly about what it means to her to be authentic and open. In this interview she gets very candid about her business, the stationery industry and her future plans.

You’ll also hear what went into designing her new organizational products including the best selling Day Designer . You can check out Whitney’s etsy shop here.




You  also  can learn more about The Stationery Academy which takes place late August, here.

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  • vanachupp

    Loved this! I have come to know Whitney this year and truly appreciate sharing her experience (the good and bad) and focusing on the positive things moving ahead. Oh and Love her analytical brain – I’ve had the pleasure to pick it a few times:)

    • I am so glad you liked it! I think Whitney’s analytical brain is more of an asset than she may realize! I wouldn’t mind picking it more myself!

    • Whitney English

      Love you, Vana!

  • Melissa AuClair

    Monica, I love all the SCW episodes but Whitney really hit something deep within me. I really truly appreciated her transparency and her hope and passion for creatives. Thanks so much.

    • Whitney English

      Melissa, thank you for sharing! I’m a huge Monica fan as well, and really appreciate all that she’s doing for creatives!

  • Phyllis Harris

    Wow! I have loved all of your interviews but this one especially spoke to me as I journey onward in my first year of starting my own eCommerce business. Thank you, Whitney for keeping it real and helping to remind me to keep everything in perspective.

    • Whitney English

      Phyllis, definitely, the “first things first” commitment has really helped me keep it all in perspective! Have fun on your eCommerce adventure!

  • Michelle Schneider

    such a great interview. you both are so brave for sharing the intimate details of your life, but i’m feeling really blessed to be on the receiving end. so thank you!

    • Whitney English

      Michelle, thank you so much for the compliment! I’ll admit, I didn’t feel very brave talking about all that, but it always feels good afterwards to hear it helped someone else. Thank you again!

  • Great interview! I had never heard of Whitney until this interview. It is very brave of you (Whitney) to share your personal financial struggles. Way to keep things authentic and real! Business is an up and down experience, for sure.

  • Gabrielle

    Thank you so much, Monica, for introducing me to Whitney in this interview. I really respect your candour, Whitney, and as a stationery myself I found the interview fascinating and inspirational, so thanks!

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  • Meghan Irene

    I absolutely love and am attracted to how honest and real this interview is. Whitney is so helpful to beginning entrepreneurs because she is honest about what the art industry can be like. Her courage to share her story inspires me. Whitney has gained a super fan! I also love how caring Whitney is. I am so glad that she spoke on business being a fight and to not sacrifice my creative urge. I also love how humble she is on how she cherishes the time spent with her family. Thank you Whitney for being so candid! You are fantastic.

  • Stacy Altiery

    Well thank you Whitney for a choc-full of information and very candid interview! Not only did you give me a new book to read (Making Ideas Happen) but I also appreciated the marriage advice 🙂 You were one of my inspirations when I started my business five years ago and I’ve enjoyed watching your journey and am really looking forward to seeing what lies ahead for you. Now I’m off to “honor my creative urge” Best Wishes to you and your family.

  • Brittany Lauren

    Whitney, your heart is just pouring out and I love how raw this interview is. Thank you for not sugar coating your story. Things doesn’t always magically fit someplace. Your journey is just a piece of the puzzle and you still have more amazing things to accomplish! It’s so hard to listen to ourselves when your pulled in different directions. You should be so proud of yourself to see the light of what works for you and not anyone else. This is a BIG lesson I’ve learned. Thank you Monica Lee for sharing and bringing insight to creatives.

  • Kathryn Duckett

    Just found your blog through Whitney. I LOVE these interviews! I’m a brand designer and am constantly looking to hear other people’s creative stories and listen to them while I work. And, to Whitney, this is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing! It was SO encouraging.

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