What to wear to ALT Summit


I think you can file this post under…”What to wear to any winter trade show or conference.” Alt Summit just happens to be a conference where  600 women who work for themselves finally get to leave home and dress up! So the tips below are coming from a former flight attendant and 2 time Altitude Summit attendee.

1. Dress warm. Listen, I know you might think you are going to be indoors but when it is cold outside, it is cold inside. Period. Take it from someone who lives in Massachusetts and tries to crank her heat to 72 to stay warm, it doesn’t work. Every year I sit next to people (especially in the Grand Ballroom) whose teeth are chattering. T-shirts, lightweight cotton cardigans don’t cut it during a Utah winter. That is unless you run hot and I meet very few women who run hot, so if you live in the South or are lucky enough to be in sunny California, plan on dressing a lot warmer than you dress at home. This leads me to my next tip…

2. Shop for new clothes NOW. The stores are well stocked before Christmas! If you are ordering clothing online you want plenty of time to do returns and you don’t want to pay big shipping fees (don’t I sound practical?) Another reason to plan out what you are bringing now is because everything will be picked over in January!

3. Dress comfortably! I know that sounds boring BUT I have gone both ways on this one. The first year I attended, it was very last minute and I wore jeans and cozy sweaters and big scarves. I was warm and comfy and not underdressed at all. The second year, I thought I would “up my game.”  I love clothes and love to play dress up, I confess. I dug out sequins, pumps and some of the cutest fitted dresses I owned and my feet screamed at me! Which still boggles me a bit, I wore high heels for YEARS as a flight attendant! I guess if you wear Uggs for a couple years your feet get really used to flat fuzzy warmth and they get pissed off if you squeeze them into anything higher than a 2 inch heel for more than a couple of hours. In other words, you will walk more than you realize. Toe cramps, ouch. Also, skip the Spanx and control top tights. You will be bloated from flying (trust me on this, too) and anything tight around your waist will make you so unhappy by the end of the day. You’ll thank me later for that tip.

I know at this point I am sounding like a mom, so once you have found adorable warm comfy clothes early…

4. Save one fun purchase until the very last minute. Maybe you are going to wear clothes you already own-like I should do, but won’t-you’ll get excited planning your trip. This is the time to  run out and grab a colorful fun “something!” A bright scarf, a giant cuff bracelet, cute crocheted mittens or a new iphone case. Something that just makes you feel shiny and bright because that is how you should feel. You have worked hard all year and now you get to be inspired and meet all sorts of wonderful women.

5. A word about themed parties. Good or bad, when you get the news of the color theme the Friday night party, it is really a blast. While I do wish it was a LBD party (I own a ton) but this year the dress will be green. Oddly, I own a full length vintage ball gown in kelly green which surprisingly I have worn on multiple occasions – don’t worry I am not bringing it. If you are going to buy a new green something, think about re-wear. Got a wedding to attend? Make sure it fits both events. I, personally, have never gone wrong with my cocktail dress purchases with classic lines. I may not break them out every year but I have revisited my classic (key word) cocktail dresses again and again. (Ok, sometimes for Halloween, in my world witches wears sequins...but still!)

I know everyone talks about what to wear to Alt Summit, but don’t stress. Bloggers talk about it because they feature clothing ALL year on their blogs while typing away in their yoga pants. Now they want to have fun with their wardrobes! It isn’t a fashion show (granted, it is not a pajama pant event either-thank goodness!) Just make sure you show up as your best self wearing a smile and warm heart. If you see me say hello!

P.S. I had to break out the paints for this post, fun!


  • Meghan Davis

    Thanks for the great tips Monica!! This post is so much fun! Im hoping to attend Alt Summit NYC this year so this is a great cheat sheet for a first timer, like me! You rock!! I cant wait to see pictures of you in your beautiful dress! Yay!

  • Katy @ All Sorts of Pretty

    Eeeeee!! So exciting! Can’t wait to see you again at Alt this year, Monica! xoxox 🙂

  • Thank u! I live I Massachusetts and have no idea what to expect from SLC or ALT. This helped!! xox

  • great tips!

  • mint arrow

    haha! the comment about blogging about fashion in yoga pants – GUILTY! i am so excited to attend alt this year! thanks for this helpful post!

  • Sara Moore

    I feel so much more settled Monica! I just snagged a last minute ticket and right after the initial “I’m going to ALT!!!” high I thought “OMG, I have to buy new clothes..” Off to find a green dress! Thanks so much for the tips!

  • This was great – thank you so much! Looking forward to meeting you next week!

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  • Thanks for this! Heading to ALT for the first time in January, and have noooo idea what I’m getting into! Ha! 😉