What lies beneath your creativity?



Even in the midst of leading a creative life we often get waylaid with details that are inconsequential. 

We are often thrilled that we get to explore and lead a creative business and life, that we miss what matters and why. 

What is the point of exploring and producing creativity? Is it just for income? Is it just for your sole expression? Is it to draw out emotions in others?

After meeting so many creatives, I believe we share a common and often hidden purpose. I think deep within every person that has chosen to embrace their creativity is an inward journey. 

We have an inner drive to get to know ourselves better. While this sentence might appear to be a selfish act, it is a noble and divine pursuit. We push ourselves and challenge our abilities and notions about who we are and why were created they way we are. 

When we get away from that inner drive is when we get wrapped up in details that weigh us down. We then start to feel that the journey has become too challenging. We begin to question our path and our right to be on it.

Right when we are on the cusp of breakthroughs and purpose is when we get consumed with doubt and think that the “grass is greener” somewhere else. 

This is when we sink into the comparison game. We think it would be safer to show up in life mimicking someone else’s plan of instead of bravely showing up as our original selves, with our own voices, our own points of view and our own ways of seeing. 

You were made for more and the only way to get to the “more” part of life with purpose, creativity with meaning is to stay in a state of discovery. 

1)  You need to trust that you were created uniquely so that you can accomplish your purpose. 

2) You need to trust your innate talents.

3) You need to trust that your life experiences have led you to create in a way that only YOU can create.

While I do believe you can acquire particular techniques, apply business skills that can move your journey along more rapidly, I also believe that there is simply no substitute for getting to understand yourself better.  There is no fast track for peeling back the layers and exploring your essence. 

 I believe you need to stay in a constant state of growth to fully contribute what you are meant to contribute. You were meant to shine and sometimes that means you have to get out the polish cloth out to buff away any areas that might try to tarnish. 

I know that being in a constant state of growth can make you feel exposed and vulnerable but I also know that  the feeling of exhilaration when unlocking something within you is priceless. That is when you are able to apply it, share it, touch people and yes, even earn a living from it.

The exhilaration of growth is worth the discomfort of growing.  Have you ever been excited and uncomfortable at the same time?

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  • Thank you so much Monica for sharing this post. I joined your newsletter just a couple of months ago and look forward to reading it each time it shows up in my inbox. I have been reminding myself daily to trust my expression of creativity while learning all that I can about the business of art and simultaneously searching for that expression that is uniquely mine. Your post reminds me that it is not a unique challenge but one we all face as creatives trying to find our audience. Just want to let you know your work is meaningful to me! XO

  • I have been feeling doubtful, so this was much needed. I am writing these down, but changing them to positive affirmations!

    1) I trust that I was created uniquely so that I can accomplish my purpose.

    2) I trust my innate talents.

    3) I trust that my life experiences have led me to create in a way that only I can create.

    I feel so much better after just reading these to myself! Thank you, Monica!!

  • claudinehellmuth says:

    yes! I am excited and uncomfortable right now! I am growing my business is a new direction with uncharted waters. it is exciting but terrifying all at the same time 🙂

    • Monica Lee says:

      Oh do tell! We certainly should chat!

      • claudinehellmuth says:

        yes monica we should chat!! The short of it is I am offering a new service for small businesses – custom cupcake boxes that I design for bakeries, cupcake shops and food trucks. I am working on building out my mini web site (still in beta stage: http://www.customcupcakeboxes.com/) the good news is that I already have clients before even announcing the new service officially! It’s thrilling, exciting and scary too!

  • Lena says:

    Thank you, Monica, for your timely reflections and encouragement (e.g. the comparison game). I am SO glad to have found your website, and you (coincidence that you have the same name, Monica, as my best friend?). Among other things, I’m also an ex-flight attendant, LOL … all part of my life experiences thus far!

  • Meghan Irene says:

    This is EXACTLY how I feel every day. Exploring, learning, and growing! This post is most definitely my favorite, Monica. It speaks volumes to the creative industry and I believe it’s what people need to hear and understand. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Thank you so much for saying that Bernadette!!

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