What is your visual story?

Does it reflect you? Does it say what you need it to say to sell your goods or services?

Most importantly, does make an emotional connection with your audience?
Those are a lot questions for a solopreneur to answer! We live a in a VERY visual world and at this point your visuals either ARE your brand or a big part of your brand.
Are you even sure of what your own visual story is?

One of the big missions in Smart Creative Style is to lead you through some out of the box exercises that challenge you. They are designed to evoke emotions within yourself and to help you discover what is original to only you!

As creatives, we are almost always telling a visual story. It can be eye opening to discover  what sort of visual stories you are drawn to. You need this information as you decide how you will tell your own. An example might be to look at these two pieces of art, one by Renoir and one by Hopper and to ask yourself which one appeals to you more and why? Composition, lighting? The noise that one might be making or the quiet that the other represents?


Smart Creative Style is NOT a course that says do this step 1, step 2 and you will be an overnight success! Ack! We have all bought into that (ok, maybe just me) The course is designed for you to set aside some time to uncover what makes YOU tick and then lays out different ways of thinking so you can present what resonates with you to the world. The lessons come into your mailbox 2 times a week for 6 weeks. It will take about 2-3 hours a week of  actual lessons and the “discovery” part is what you decide to do with it, but I will say, the exercises are  like dessert! 

This is a course about YOU! It is a creative business 101 lesson plan that will force you to follow your own story. I KNOW better than anyone what it is like to show up in my business because I was following the money trail, the easy trail and the-if-she-can-do-it-why-can’t-I  trail.

Oh my! It is so easy to fall into those traps.  It is time to bring your unique voice, style and aesthetic to what you are doing.
Every time I met a creative woman, she has a unique story. It is amazing! What is happening is that often it is not being communicated in a concise manner. For us to truly have an impact on others, we have to understand ourselves and what we are trying to accomplish. We need to know what we LOVE and why. We need to get rid of doubt and fall in radical love with ourselves, our taste, our story and our businesses!

If you have got it in you and if the time is right, join us! Class starts Feb 11!

 Here is a completely different example. These are 2 photos that are enticing you to create a recipe using ice cream. The first one has a human element with coffee being poured over the desert and they other doesn’t even have spoons present. Does the human element appeal to you? Maybe you like one image simply because you like purple and it has nothing to do with the ice cream at all.


Here is another example, with 2 black and white images of striped one piece bathing suits. Neither image clearly shows the models’ faces. The bottom  represents a defined era and the top image leaves you guessing as to what era it might be from. (It is a present day photo, but could pass as from the 70’s.) Maybe you like one the top shot because it is outdoors.

Which image appeals to you the most? Obviously, when you look at these images there is not right or wrong answer, it is simply about what speaks to you. Understanding what resonates with you and why can unlock a treasure trove of information and inspiration inside yourself that no one else can lay claim to! That is the joy of discovery and application that we uncover in Smart Creative Style! It is SO exciting to me. It can be just what you need to give yourself and your business the love and attention it needs! You can register here.



FUN,  right??  Self discovery SHOULD be fun! Working on your business, while hard work, should be fun too! This is how I designed Smart Creative Style, as a FUN, exciting way to explore your creative business!

  • I love these kind of exercises! I have even scheduled a post for this evening about me getting real and getting back into making art that truly speaks to me, after doing similar exercises on my own at the end of last year. I so wish I could do this course. I feel I’d learn so much more.

    • Monica Lee

      Carin! You are such a dear! Thank you so much for always being a ray of sunshine!