What does having a “creative style” really mean?

I wanted to explain what I mean by having a “creative style.” First it starts with believing and embracing that you are an original. That all your personality, abilities and strengths were designed on purpose so you can shine just the way you were created to.

I thought you could use an example of similar brands with different creative styles. These three brands all use the same iconic English rose imagery within their brands but with their own unique take on it. They even sell some of the same products but each brand has an authentic voice. Each of these brands does a great job of staying true to their style during growth and product changes.

What I want to bring out in you during the Smart Creative Style coaching, is what makes you, YOU!  I want you to leave this coaching with the tools to embrace your own creative style. I do believe each of us bring sensory experiences to the table that are only true to us and translating that visually combined with strategy is what this course is all about!




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  • Kim says:

    Hi Monica! It’s true that I create better when I’m in a joyful, uncluttered space. Many comments you made today are so on point. Thanks!! Looking forward to Wednesday’s posting!

  • Linda Tieu says:

    Exciting, looking forward to all the great info!

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