What do Ivy league School rowing and E-courses have in common?


They both had recruiting on the SAME weekend! 

As you may know by all my newsletters that Smart Creative Style begins today!
I had the end of last week all planned out. I had emails to write, videos to tweak and marketing to execute. 
I had said no to lunches, interviews and even a student I was mentoring for weekend. 

So when my son came to me early in the week and asked if I could take him to Cornell’s crew recruiting  weekend, my heart gave a little dip. Really, this weekend? 

You simply cannot say no to your children in a case like this. It was a 10 hour car ride round trip.  I spent 10 hours talking to my son about his dreams to row crew in college and the hard choices he has to make to see those dreams realized. 

I also know that he is a smaller in size and has to row on a lightweight team. Do you know how many University’s have light weight Varsity crew teams? Six. That’s it.
All uber expensive, hard to get into schools. Getting recruited would be his way in.  

He has determined that rowing gave a him a shot at a better education.
Talk about betting on your dreams!!

Why am I telling you this? Because I spent 10 hours with someone who is choosing to bet on himself, not waiting to see if his dream will magically appear.

A big dream is worth putting yourself on the line for.
I wish every single creative person that I meet would have this kind of swagger. And I am not talking about arrogance.
I am talking about believing you are qualified and capable.
I believe in putting all that nonsense aside that might say, you are too young, you are too old, you don’t have enough experience. Thinking that you need to “pay your dues” before you can own who you really are, is a lie!

I want you to have complete confidence in all you do and in any form that your creativity chooses to show up.