What are you up to, Khristian A. Howell?

Let’s catch up with Khristian A. Howell. She is such a dynamo! She had her canvas calendar featured in the January issue of Real Simple Magazine, did a guest post over at the Surtex blog (Did you know they had a blog?) and had pillows featured in the HGTV Magazine! Whew! Listen to this interview with Khristian as she explains how she got her start!

HGTV Magazine



Here are some images from her own blog Saturate along with her thoughts and her word of the year, EASY! (Love that!)

I appreciate Khristian’s decision to Let it Flow this year, to work smarter not just work harder. It gave me something to think about. How can I operate from a place of ease instead of at a constant sprint? How can we as small business owners move forward, grow and be at ease?  Interesting question and one worth exploring!


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  • Kristin Nicholas

    Hi Monica! Love your show. I live in western MA on the VT line. We have really awful internet so I am not able to watch video. I love the feature you have for listening vs. watching since I can’t stream video. I listen via my phone and it comes through seamless. Thanks for what you do. It is great. I am passing the word around and have written about you on my blog.
    Have a great day.
    Kristin Nicholas

    • http://smartcreativewomen.com/ Monica Lee

      Oh Kristin, how are you doing, knittng up a storm?! Awful internet arghhh! You poor dear, hahah! You just reminded me to add the podcast for this post!!

  • http://martaspendowska.com/ Marta Spendowska

    Ah! Khristian you are one of my favorite women in the whole world! Your smile is stunning and your work is amazing. Thank you for everything and all your help on the way :)
    And Monica — thank you so much for delivering a constant inspiration!

  • http://beewisegoods.com/ Gabrielle Krake

    Loved this interview, great resources!!

  • Jeanetta

    Love this interview, Monica. Khristian is an inspiration and someone I can relate to creatively. Love her go and get ‘em fearless style – something I need to adapt as I am doing Surtex for the first time this year.

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