VP of Creative at Midwest-CBK, Margo Tantau is in the house!

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You are going to eat this one up! Margo Tantau is so creative and has an eye for talent! Wait until you hear how I first “found” her.  Her story is a terrific example of how your life’s journey sets you up for where you are supposed to be, you just have to be open to it! In this interview she shares what she loves and doesn’t love seeing in an artists portfolio! This chat will definitely inspire you to be yourself and forge your own creative path! Margo is the VP of Design and Creative at Midwest-CBK and could not be more down to earth and more “for you!” She is dying for you to show up as the creative person you are intended to be. Listen in as she shares her start and how she has developed her “eye” over the years.   I love love what she is doing in this position and so will you!



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  • Michelle Schneider

    I LOVED this interview! I’m going to listen to it again. 🙂 I especially took note when Margo said to think 3 dimensionally about your design work. Oh, and when she gave an example of creating an entire line of product out of one piece of art- just pulling pieces and shapes out of the pattern to create a new design that resembles the first. LOVE! I’ll definitely be working toward that! Thank you Monica!

    • Oh I just know you will come up with fabulous things, Michelle!

  • Genevieve Gail Swinford

    So, so, SO great!!! That is what this business should be more about – supporting artists, community, and FUN original art! Makes me wanna go make stuff right now! Loved everything about this interview, thanks Margo + Monica!

    • I agree! And thank you for saying that!

  • Susan Black

    LOVE Margo ! & loved what she had to say about how she looks for creatives and what kinds of things she looks for + loved her advice on how to “make it” in this industry – so full of incredibly talented artist/illustrators. I loved working with Midwest/CBK and it’s thrill to see my work and to hear my name mentioned on Smart Creative Women ! LOVE you to Monica, I never miss an episode.

    • Thank you for watching Susan! Love what you do!

  • Phyllis Harris

    Really, really enjoyed this interview! Thank you both for sharing your many insights!

    • Phyllis! You are just the best-I always feel the glow of your support!

  • Debra Nielsen

    Wonderful discussion and advice! Thanks for sharing Margo!

  • Laura Zarrin

    I loved this interview! So fun and I love seeing her passion for artists. I’d really like to recreate the rooms in these pictures in my own house. Love the colors and everything about them!

    • I thought these catalog shots rocked too, Laura!

  • This is just what I needed to hear today. I am so glad Beth posted this over on the MATS3 FB page for us to see (Lilla Rogers). I so enjoyed this interview!!!

  • Gabriella Sara Buckingham

    I do hope you get to bring out your own course Margo, great idea! x

  • Leanne

    What an awesome interview!!! I had the pleasure of meeting Margo at the Creative Connection event a few years back. She was just as delightful as this interview! LOVE her spirit, her knowledge, and her energy! Great great work!!!

  • Great interview, Monica! I was floored when you mentioned my name. 😉 You are right on the money — I did find it frustrating not being able to direct people to where they could find product. Loved Margo’s answer — and love that a solution is on her radar. And Monica .. we touched base first when you blogged about a mascara you liked — that I still use today!!!

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  • suzanne urban

    Really enjoyed this interview, esp. about the importance of knowing how to draw. Thank you!