Vana Chupp customizes her life and her business


You are going to love this one! Vana Chupp is the owner of a fast growing online retail shop Le Papier Studio. Originally trained as an architect, Vana had some other passions hidden inside her and in 2008 inspired by her first baby, she launched her own business.  She specialized in charming, intimate silhouettes and I just love how she started with one idea and has managed to successfully expand that idea into a multiple product line. You are going to like her story!

Hear how she balances time customizing her products, how she started on etsy, left etsy and why she went back. She also discusses how she garnered media attention. Interesting! You are going to like her no nonsense advice. Now she has 2 little ones at home to inspire her but how does she manage all that and business too? Watch the interview and see what she has to say! Too funny!

Book Giveaway!

She is also the author of 2 books published by Chronicle, Pretty Paper Parties and Silhouette Art. Vana is sweet enough to give a copy of her book Silhouette Art to a lucky listener!   Just leave a comment below to enter and if you would like to have 2 entries counted you leave a comment and you can tweet the link to this interview! Yippee!

The giveaway will close by  12pm EST Thursday April 20!


Here is a fun Mother’s Day gift idea!! Personalized jewelry for mom or for yourself! It’s a unique way to keep everyone close to your heart 🙂 Love it!


Here is a peek  inside her book, be sure to comment to win!

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  • Kshoo Design

    Enjoyed the interview

  • betz

    Thanks for the interview! I have always regretted not getting silhouette art of my boys when they were little. Now they are all big and tween/teen-ish! I might have to dig up some old baby photos to get those chubby cheeks. 🙂

    I have a *business* question for Vana. I was looking at using Outright but saw that it doesn’t handle inventory. Is there a way you keep track of that separately from your Outright?


    • Vana

      Hi Betz,

      I personally keep a separate excel spreadsheet for some of my inventory (minds you I don’t have a lot of items as inventory so this might be more complicated for someone with a lot more) and manually enter all the inventory at the beginning of the year. At the end of each month, I go in and adjust the quantities (add more, take out some). This works well for my business and my accountant loves me for it. A few hours each month will help you tremendously come tax season. That’s if you’re willing to do the work yourself.

      But I also googled your question and this is what I found:

      Hopefully you will find this useful.


      • Betz White

        Thanks, for answering Vana. I keep track of inventory in Excel also. I was just hoping there was a different trick to use with Outright…the link you provided is very helpful. Thanks!

  • JeneanMorrison

    Oh my! What a great interview!! I have to say, I really appreciate it when people speak in actual numbers when talking about money! I love how big she thinks, and how she isn’t afraid to tackle new things! Very, very inspiring! great job, y’all!

    • Jenean,

      I love when people are open even when it comes to mentioning money. It doesn’t have to be a secret or a scary thing for that matter. Thanks for the nice words:)

  • Laura Kennedy Aiken

    Vana and Monica, I so enjoyed your interview. I can’t wait to visit your website. I find it encouraging that you really don’t get into wholesaling your products. I struggle with the idea in my business.
    Thank you for sharing your time and resources.

    • Laura, so happy to hear you found this useful. Although important, wholesale isn’t always the go to answer for a business. And it also doesn’t mean because you aren’t doing it now, you won’t do it in say 2-3 years. It’s a process..and by best advise is to trust your instinct.

  • Clare Buswell

    Loved the interview! Vana’s silhouettes are gorgeous!

  • I loved the interview! Vana’s silhouettes are awesome!

  • I tweeted it!

  • suzy

    Great article! Thank you for sharing.

  • Mechelle

    I just tweeted the article.

  • Cara

    Great interview and congrats on your well deserved success, Vana!

  • Fantastic interview with Vana! I learned a lot.

  • Beth Parker

    Another terrific interview! Thanks so much!!

  • Helen OBrien

    Great interview. Really enjoyed listening to Vana’s story! And she has some beautiful jewelry and paper designs.

    • Monica Lee

      I know! I knew Vana’s interview would be a hit!

  • Dawn Alice Rogers

    Very inspiring! Thank you!

  • Pat Richter

    Wonderful interview and very inspiring. Thank you so much

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