Tom Time 2, marketing advice for your business and puppy selling


It’s time to talk marketing again! If we don’t keep bringing it up, you may just keep putting it off. I speak from experience.  In today’s episode, Tom breaks down the term marketing and we discuss how much time you should spend on marketing your business. We also talk about the mental shift that needs to take place depending on who you are targeting. We use LIVE and unwilling examples to demonstrate our point, be sure and make it all the way to the end and please don’t call the SPCA! Send some love his way in the comments for his second appearance!

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  • Tom Time Two, things to think about! Wouldn’t it be great to hire Tom and then I wouldn’t have to think about marketing B to B or B to C!

    (and we have 2 puppies in 2 years, and guess who marketed for them! ; )

    ~~ off to think up new title although Tom Time fit nicely in twiter

  • Monica Lee

    You are so funny! Didn’t you hear him…agree to Tom Time when I told him he was replaceable!

  • Oh, I see I should’ve sent my husband SEVERAL emails in my quest to adopt Peaches the Havanese. I only sent two. . .

    Thank you Monica and Tom, cutest couple on the internet for your talk!


    • Monica Lee

      HAHAHA! Glad you got a new “strategy” out of this video, Suzanne!

  • OK. The acronym is T (for truthful)
    E (for empathy)

    • Monica Lee

      ha! Thanks Kristina! I think it was the military brat and ex airline employee in me that was looking for an acronym!

  • Monica Lee

    Hi Heidi! I am glad your found Smart Creative Women too! And I don’t think you are being soppy when you say ou love your mate! It is ok to be in love!! Cute blog, BTW! Maybe when I come to NYC we can have a cuppa!