Tom Henell on Experience Marketing

He’s baaaaaack! Mr. Marketing, and my husband, Tom Henell. In every relationship you learn so much from your partner, who knew when I married him (10 years ago this week!) that I would learn so much about marketing as well! Is that what they call a ” twofer?” Tom is going to educate, inspire and challenge our ways of thinking about marketing your business in the Smart Creative Style course. I like that he brings in an objective voice into my creative business. Whenever I have yet another crazy idea, he always manages to bring me back around by asking, “What would be your goal in doing that?” Ahhh, the voice of levity. Then I have to explain myself, IF I can. Tom Henell is a man that consistently sees the BIG picture. when you are marketing your business, that is a GOOD THING. You can see who else we have added to the course over here! There is still time to sign up and to take advantage of the SPREAD THE WORD DISCOUNT.

Listen in as Tom explains “experience marketing.” 


  • Beverly Overby Dyer

    You make a cute and effective team! Thanks, Bev

  • Gabrielle

    Great explanation of experience marketing, thank you! I’m in the middle of reading Brandscaping by Andrew M Davies which is fascinating, really getting the idea of content marketing.

  • Gerda Steiner

    Thank you so much Monica for dragging your husband into the show to explain experience marketing. 😉 I just love your videos and work. You’ve inspired me so much.

  • Keetha

    Y’all are so cute. This was really informative – I took notes! (Told you I was a school-supply dork!)

  • Sheila Delgado

    I took notes…. look forward to the next lesson 🙂

  • Angela Ambroise

    I love your blog soooo much! I am sitting in my bed, toothache, watching the rain from my bedroom window, drinking Starbucks, with pen and tablet…calling my husband in periodically saying, “Listen to this….listen to this!” What marketing course does your husband teach, and what is the book he said you guys were reading, “contagious?” That question brings me to this: Do you have any recommended reading or books that you highly recommend {think that’s really the same question}?


    • HI Angela! We will actually be starting a book club in the near future! 🙂 Yipee!

      • Angela Ambroise

        Okay, cool! Can’t wait!