Today’s Top Stationery Artist 2 by Tori Higa

I wanted to review a fun book for  all you stationery lovers out there! It is by Tori Higa and it is her second book feature the art and business of Today’s Top Stationery Artist’s. It is published by Schiffer Publishing. What I really like about the book is that she feature the business owners themselves in the book. She conducts mini interviews with the artists/owners and you get insight into what their businesses are like.  I was happy and surprised to see her feature some of my favs as well! Night Owl Paper Goods, Modern Printed Matter, Cartolina, Ink + Wit and many more. These are the cards that you run across in the really “cool”  boutiques . If you want to see what the most current stationery out there looks like, this is the book for you!

One of the neat things about Tori Higa herself is that she has partnered with International Sanctuary. International Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that empowers survivors of human trafficking. You may have seen me mention Half the Sky on Facebook recently. This book and documentary dive deep into the empowerment of females on our planet. Turning oppression into opportunity is hugely important message and movement. It is exciting to see Tori take such a hands on approach! I would encourage you to take a coffee break and check out both of these organizations. I like the idea of those of us that are blessed and living in free conditions helping women reach their potential and get the tools to live a life with dignity.

Here are some of Tori’s own cards and a fab necklace from the International Sanctuary store. I love the idea of purchasing with a purpose!

  • Thank you so much for such a nice review, Monica! And thank you for the shout out as well! You looked adorable in your International Sanctuary necklace in your last interview by the way!! Such fun “product placement”. 🙂

    Anyway, thank you thank you thank you! All the best!

  • fabulous book!! a must buy!!

  • What a lovely-looking book! This looks like it would make a splendid gift for a friend who’s recently started a stationery business–thank you for writing such a great review, Monica.