They Draw and Cook and draw some more with Salli Swindell

So so fun today! I have Salli Swindell from The Draw and Cook and They Draw and Travel. Artists, listen up!! You will get insight into the life of a busy  artist running SSS Studios plus  you may want to  take advantage of a really fun opportunity. Everything about what Nate (her brother and partner in crime) and Salli are doing is right, helping artists get exposure, recommending artists, networking! I love it. I love that they are making their community better. Many people wouldn’t bother do all this especially when you hear how much effort goes into maintaining and promoting these websites and social media accounts. You can hear Salli’s passion come out as she talks about their projects and her own “creative playground!”  What do you think, are you up for submitting a recipe or map? How about needed some visual eye candy to figure out what’s for dinner tonight, haha!


theydrawandtravel  We have  to give Nate, Salli’s brother, a shout out! After all, “He takes care of everything!” according to Salli. I need a Nate in my life!  I am so impressed by how well they work together and share so much on a daily basis! Salli’s personal blog is at Manic Expressive and Nate’s personal blog is I Draw Maps (how is that for branding?!)

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  • Salli says

    Thank you Monica!!! You are the BEST! hey everyone, Monica has curated her own Featured Collection for They Draw and Cook….stay tuned ; )

  • Lisa Graves

    great interview- Salli is the ultimate Cheerleader!

    • She is a cheerleader…betcha we can’t talk her into the little skirt though 🙂

      • Salli says

        oh be careful what you ask, er challenge me to do ; )

  • Jenean Sustarsic

    Salli is a whirlwind of creativity, and a wonderful fairy art-mother. Supportive and freely sharing her contacts!!!
    Amazingly talented!!!

  • meg @

    Love this! Salli lives in my hometown – I loved scrolling down and seeing a map of Hudson, OH 🙂

  • Sheila Delgado

    Loved getting to know Salli Better! Monica – can’t wait to see your recipes! Did you say a healthier carbonara? Yum!

  • claudinehellmuth

    super fabulous and inspiring interview! I went to the Columbus College of Art and Design too! 93-95!

  • Angela DeMuro

    Great interview! I just LOVE They Draw and Cook! And Salli you have such a lovely energy! I greatly look forward to submitting more recipes:)

  • Chris Chun

    What a great interview – 2 of my favourite things: food and art. I am already thinking recipes to submit and can see that Thailand is represented already. Salli is a real dynamo with infectious energy. Monica – love your work!