There’s a new girl in town and her name is Alison!

Move over Martha! There is a new girl in town and she is F-U-N! I just love meeting someone who bubbles over with enthusiasm for simply being on the planet! Alison Faulkner is THAT GIRL. Graphic artist by trade, DIY Diva Priestess by design. Ok, she may not call herself a DIY Diva Priestess, more like a DIY Disco Diva. Alison is a bundle of energy and smarts over on her corner of the web called The Alison Show where she claims to be a compulsive, crafter, baker, and sharer.  instgram-a must  You know I think bloggers understand their audiences and rock social media, Alison is no exception! (She is a crack up on instgram-a must follow!) She talks about how she does it in this interview!

So tune in!!! Listen how she channeled her high school craftiness (when crafting was decidedly NOT cool) into a full blown super blog. You name it, she has made it and she will probably bring a big smile to your face.

 As you listen in to this interview, you’ll  hear what Alison offers to brands that want to work with bloggers. She is crafty, savvy and vivacious, an awesome combination of talents. She also adds her unique perspective over on the Babble blog, I particularly liked this post.  She has her own You Tube channel and I think she is one to watch! She would be my choice over ANY daytime TV show on the market!!


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  • Alison is so much fun! Let’s hang out! 😉 What a fun interview. I love the IG wisdom and watching her awesome personality shine through on all that she does. Her realization that her blog personality didn’t match her own is a great lesson. It’s okay to be guarded, but I learned that it’s important to put that special YOU stamp on everything you do 🙂