The Story behind Indie Craft Parade and The Makers Summit

Meet Erin Godbey and Elizabeth Ramos, they are some kind of dynamic duo! They are the founders of Indie Craft Parade, a fabulous craft fair out of Greenville, South Carolina. In this interview you will hear how they got started and how quickly this event took off. I was so impressed on how well they covered every aspect of this event for the makers and the shoppers. Listen in as the girls discuss the jury process for exhibitors and how they are determined to make this event affordable for families to come and shop.

These two busy women also put together The Makers Summit for artisans to learn sound business practices, learn and to network. It all sounds SO fun! I have decided I need to visit Greenville!

This is a great interview to tune into especially if you have ever thought about
*creating a local fair to support and enrich your community
*putting together an event for indie business owners
*collaborating with a fellow creative woman


 Below are pictures from The Maker’s Summit!


Can’t wait to see what this dynamic duo does next!