The Queen of Everything Speaks! Mary Engelbreit shares her heart and her business

Everybody I know has a favorite Mary Engelbreit quote or a favorite Mary Engelbreit image. Mary’s imagery and art reaches in and tugs at our hearts, makes us laugh, makes us share it with a friend. There seems to be a “knowing” in her art that has resonated with people since she first put pen to paper. Considered our generation’s Norman Rockwell, Mary’s imagery says what we all need to hear!

With over 6,500 products and 1 billion dollars worth of lifetime sales, she is not just an industry leader in the art licensing world, she is THE industry leader!

I was so thrilled to sit down and talk to Mary! She has weathered plenty of recessions and market storms with elegance and good cheer. I am grateful that she jumps in and talks business right away. Pay attention, Mary discusses the changing face of art licensing but she also shows that tenacity and good art win in the end!

This was a real full circle moment for me. I have admired Mary and her work since I decided to illustrate.  I love that she consistently encourages other artists!

In Part 2, we get a peek at the mind set she puts herself in when she starts a new piece of art, this is the key to creating art the resonates with a buyer!  So come back Thursday so you don’t miss it! Sign up for our newsletter and I will pop it in your email.

Which of Mary’s prints/quotes are your favorite? I want to know! Post the link in the comments.

And you know I believe this!!

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  • Susan Yates

    I have a coffee mug with “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strengths.” It’s a fabulous way to start the morning! I’m so happy to hear Mary in her own voice, and her perspectives on business are so helpful! So grateful to hear her thoughts, hear how much effort goes into what Mary does, and that she enjoys input from her tween resources! I’m a long-time fan. Thanks, Monica and Mary!

    • I thought that was cute too-her tween resources!

  • Kim Morin Weineck

    So many favorites to choose from! Lately I think it has to be the “Grow old along with me – the best is yet to be.” When I was younger I would see that card in the Anniversary section and dream of sending it to my future husband. What fun it was when I finally did all those years later!  And who doesn’t like “Snap Out of It?” It’s a perpetual favorite!   Thanks for the great interview, Mary and Monica. Looking forward to part 2. 

    • Snap out of it!! Yes! Fabulous…needs to be said so often to myself and to my teenagers!

  • LauraLH

    Can’t wait for part 2! Mary, you are an inspiration for artists everywhere!

  • Terri Wilson Godfrey

    I belong to an online art support group formed from an art management course.  We are a varied group of painters, illustrators, jewelry makers, art teachers and more.   I definitely am passing this interview on to the group as some are interested in licensing their art and moving into other arenas.  I’m a long time fan of ME and thank you Mary and Monica for your interview!!

    • Thank you so much for passing it on, I appreciate it!

  • Phyllis Harris

    Wow!! Monica! You interviewed Mary Engelbreit!!! 😀 I am sure you are still pinching yourself. Thank you so much and Mary, thank you for your candor and being willing to share such great info to us wee artists out here. You once gave a very kind  endorsement on the back of a book I illustrated a LONG time ago and I will cherish that forever! 🙂

    • Monica Lee

      Ahhh the “Mary Engelbreit blessing!” I got one of those too!

  • Claudine Hellmuth

    fabulous interview! such a treat to get to hear from Mary! Looking forward to part 2!

  • Beth Parker

    Love, Love Love this interview.  I got to hear Mary speak in Atlanta at AmericasMart and she is really genuine and down to earth.  Of course I’ve been buying her products for years and already have my 2013 calendar.  I can’t wait for part II.  Good job!  Both of you!

    • Monica Lee

      I am so glad you enjoyed it! I am a calendar fan myself!

  • Cricket21

    love love love them

  • I am so happy to have heard this interview!  Mary is just awesome and I’ve been loving her work forever!!  My favorite illustrations of hers have the quotes in them as follows:  “Say it loud. I’m an artist and I’m proud!”, “Arts and crafts keep you sane.”, and “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.   Can’ wait for part 2.  xo Evie

  • Libby

    Can’t wait for Part 2: well done Monica! 

  • Super inspiring and down to earth advice. Thank you! I’ve always loved the Don’t look Back print by Mary… one of my faves… because there are so many inspiring works!