The Providence Lady Project’s Dynamic Duo


Another dynamic duo for you today! What go getters! Here is a look at Julie Sygiel and Sierra Barter who formed The Providence Lady Project. The PVD Lady Project connects, inspires and showcases awesome women doing amazing things in Providence, RI. It is a nonprofit organization that connects  females entrepreneurs and like minded business women. They host bi-monthly events and recently held a day long  educational summit. They have garner good (to great!) local press and have pulled off some really posh events. What has this got to do with you?  I am happy you asked. You know I believe in hangin’ out with people that think like you and inspire you, right? This is a perfect opportunity for you to create a group in your OWN community.  They are looking to expand and would like to take this idea into other cities. No point in waiting for someone else to gather up creative entrepreneurial women when you could be doing it yourself…You know that old adage, “Be the change you want to see?” If you are longing to  make connections and get inspired, why not have it begin with you? Email Sierra she wants to help you start your own Ladies Project!



  • Meghan Irene

    Oh my goodness! This looks like so much fun! What a great couple of girls! 🙂 Thank you so much Monica for showcasing this! I am inspired!