The Makerie, a creative retreat and brain child of Ali DeJohn

Meet Ali DeJohn, the brains and organizer behind two retreats for your creative spirit. In this interview she talks about how she took her little spark of an idea and made into a roaring fire! Ali has a heart for the creative process and a heart for women. She has put that heart of hers into the creative retreats, The Makerie and The Makerie Sewing. Nestled in the lush landscape of Boulder, Colorado, these retreats are a chance to explore and express yourself in what Ali describes as a safe environment. No judging, just fun, relaxation, good food and an opportunity to connect with other women. With a line up of fabulous instructors, these retreats sound so decadent. What a great way to  recharge your batteries take care of yourself. It’s always fun to interview someone who pushed past their fears and see how they made their dream a reality!

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  • Great interview, Monica and Ali.
    I’m very inspired by your vision and your braveness, Ali. It’s wonderful that you have such a great support system, also.

    I hope to see you in CO.
    Monica, I’ll email my hubby’s contact info ; )
    Thank you both!

    • ali

      Aw thank you so much for watching the interview Brenda. Your words are really kind & hope to see you in Colorado too! ~xo

  • betz White

    Great interview, as always! I met Ali a few years ago and found her personality infectious! The Makerie sounds like a dream come true. I love the idea to enable teachers to take each other’s classes as well. I think it would give us all perspective and we can learn so much from each other.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • ali

      Thanks Betz! It’s a fun new model for teachers & you’re right… we all have so much to learn from each other ~ always! 😉 ~xo

  • Thanks Monica! I love the idea and plan to put on an event someday myself in my upstate New York farm…got a couple years of renovations to do on our 14,000 sq ft barn though first! : )

    • ali

      How wonderful Katrina! It’s my DREAM to renovate a barn. Please do keep me in the loop & I’d love to see photos of your progress. ~xo

  • P.s. Way to go, Ali! I’ll check out your websites right now! : )