Textiles and Fashion and Start Ups with Lexi Soukoreff of Daub+Design

This interview with Lexi Soukoreff of Daub and Design was  a breath of fresh air. If she is how they are making young women today, then I think the world is going to be okay after all. I love her determination and her spunk. She is another story of how a creative (this time young) woman can really be a terrific lesson to us all. She has a start up fashion line, and she hand dyes all the fabrics herself!  I really liked that on top of all the care she puts into product, she talks about how she really enjoys the marketing piece to her business and considers it a challenge! Do we wish that attitude would rub off on some of us? Yes!!

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  • Love the scarf! Lexi is so young and so pulled together, very impressive!

    Suzanne U.

    • Lexi Soukoreff

      Thanks Suzanne! That’s sweet of you to say 🙂

  • Monica Lee

    I know, I love meeting these pulled together girls! Thanks for listening Suzanne!

  • wow, inspiring – thanks for sharing!

    • Monica Lee

      So happy you think so!

  • What a great interview and conversation. Lexi really does a wonderful job being connected in Vancouver and promoting not only her work but others as well. The colours and products that she creates are stunning.

    • Monica Lee

      I thought the same thing, how connected she is to her local community. AND Robyn, I LOVE LOVE your bags Your shop is in my favorites now!-it is so fun to see everyone’s work!

    • Hi Robyn,

      Thank you so much for your continued support! Like Monica, I LOVE your work too. Glad the two of you were introduced 🙂


  • Michelle Cowan

    Excellent Job !!!!!

    Very well done Lexi !!!! 🙂

    All the best to you,

    I will forward to friends and family

  • Wow, Lexi, your stuff is gorgeous! Thaks Monica for introducing us to another SCW! 😀