What’s with all the shoes?

Well, I associate cute shoes with women, and since this a women’s website, we may occasionally enjoy a pretty pair of shoes. During the years that I spent traveling, one thing that I noticed across many cultures is that women don’t hesitate to compliment another women’s shoes.

“Love your shoes!”

“I could never wear heels that high, but I really like them.”

“Nice boots, where did you get them?”

I am sure that you have done it. The words come out easily, and they are always met with a smile.

What I would like to do at Smart, Creative Women is get comfortable accepting the compliments that are aimed at our accomplishments or our creativity.

“Love your business!”

“Your business model may not be what I do, but I am impressed with your ingenuity.”

“Nice marketing!”

Why don’t we talk like that more often to each other? My theory is that we are all in this together, and one word of advice, one compliment, one kind gesture can make all the difference.

This is the idea behind Smart Creative Women, a community of women sharing, helping and encouraging each other. What I hope that you get out of our interviews, our articles and our resources are sparks that light up the path for your journey and make it brighter. Oh, and I promise some fun and cute shoes along the way!

You can get signed up on our email list to keep up to date with guest interviews and resources. In the meantime, I put up a few of my favorite videos that that I think express passion, the beauty of slow art and immersing oneself in the act of design.

  • Monica! The sight looks great! Congratulations, and I look forward to all of the great interviews!

  • Monica – I love the idea of your new site and look forward to all that you have in store. I agree that the dialogue we use as business women and artists isn’t as unsheltered as the easy compliment given regarding another’s fabulous kicks. I have learned so much, and grown even more from the wisdom and honesty shared by other women, especially other women artists who are also working hard to make a career out of their innate passion. I remember an artist friend of mine saying “there’s room for us all at the party”. I truly believe that. We just have to keep the door open.

    Thanks for kicking off such a wonderful new forum!
    ~ Kate

  • Hello there, Monica!! I love this new site and I love this subject too! I am actually similar in that I will openly compliment or praise a peer when I really admire their work and accomplishments, and I think it can be unusual to see that in a competitive profession. Wonderful post & food for thought!

  • Hey Monica – I LOVE what your developing here and am eagerly anticipating its launch! So wish I could grab a few of my creative friends and cross the country to attend the launch party!

    I already feel at home with friends who’ve commented above ;o)

    May the Creative Universe shine on your efforts.