Tara Mohr on Playing Big

Tara is one of my favorite guests! She is an expert of women’s leadership and well being. I think she is an all around wise woman! She has packed her wisdom into her new book Playing Big.

It really is a must have for any woman’s book shelf! You need this book. You need to tune in to this interview!! Praise, criticism, all Tara’s strategies are so so powerful!

I need this book, your niece needs this book, your girlfriend…Listen to today’s podcast as we discuss this important book.

“Tara Mohr saw how women were “playing small” in their lives and careers, were frustrated by it, and wanted to “play bigger.” She has devised a proven way for them to achieve their dreams by playing big from the inside out.”



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  • Lee Kellogg

    Thank you Monica, a wonderful interview. Now I have to get that book!