Tara Gentile on breaking up with the notion of just one passion

Tara Gentile is the “Official Ambassador of the You Economy.” Don’t you just love that tag line? She is chock full on information and is passionate about passing that information on to you.  I read about Tara’s story of going from a 20k salary to a 200k salary and I wanted to know how she did it! The beauty of Tara is that she wants you to know how you can do it too! She wants you to think strategically about your business and your earning potential. She has all sorts of tools to get you started. One of them is her new business Kickstart Labs that serves up practical resources for you! And you know how much I love a practical resource! Tara thinks it is not always wise to follow your “passion” in business, she is a believer in delivering what people need…what are your thoughts on the matter?

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  • Hi guys! Thank you so very much for your awesome interview!! Tara, your motivation and inspiration is exactly what I needed this morning. Thank you so much for making me realize that I do need to take my business financials more seriously. I WANT to earn MORE and that’s ok and it’s doable! Monica, thanks for introducing Tara to us. Knowledge is power and thanks to both of you for sharing!!

    Best wishes and many thanks,

    • Monica Lee

      Thank you so much Tracy, I am glad you enjoyed it. It is ok to earn more, I like how Tara makes no apologies!

  • Money, money, money. Something is definitely in the air today. I woke up with this morning with money on the brain, and now here you are with this awesome interview! It was exactly what I needed to hear. I am claiming my number!

  • GREAT! I’m already on day 4 of the kick start 5 day prototype! Love this! Thanks for sharing this great information ladies! you inspire! 😀

  • This interview really gave me some great insights… Thank you!!

  • I always know I can count on you Monica for inspiration – I really enjoyed the insights in this interview and the take-no-prisoners approach to being strategic about your business and aspirations for success. Thanks!

  • Wow! What a kick in the head – loved Tara’s perspective on following your passion (not!), defining your business model and creating money and more money. Thanks Monica!

  • “…we are looking to trade on meaning, connection, and experience…” I like how Tara thinks! Heading over right now to check her site(s) out. It’s really insightful to hear how both you (Monica) and Tara have dealt with reclaiming your value when it comes to bringing in income. It’s all about the money, honey!! Thanks ladies:)

  • I had the pleasure of meeting Tara twice this summer. She was on a panel I presented my business to. It was a huge wake up call for me. Sent me down a new path. Listening to her talk about my business was like being woken up by Big Ben. She is amazing and I am rooting for her on all her new and untraveled roads. I enjoyed this interview!

  • Hi Monica! Just finished viewinf this incredible interview with Tara. I had been following Tara for years , but now that I have seen your interview with her, it has given me a whole new insight into her world. What a great interview! Guess I better re-signup for her newsletter!
    Than you for sharing your time Monica and Tara.